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Textual Analysis 'mean Creek'

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Textual analysis- ‘Mean Creek’

In the 2004 American independent drama film ‘Mean Creek’, director Jacob Aaron Estes uses a variety of mediums to build tension and suspense throughout the film. As a drama film with elements of a thriller, ‘Mean Creek’ uses lots of point of view camera angles and uses the use of silence at times of suspense. The film builds tension right from the start when George is first portrayed as a ‘bully’ when he beats up Sam in the opening scene. From the beginning the audience know that something disastrous is going to happen, whether it is to Sam or George.
One way that Estes creates a sense of tension is through the use of camera angles. The film uses many close ...view middle of the document...

This slow camera movement shows that there is not much action taking place which could suggest that there is nothing more that can be done to bring George back to life. When George uses his handheld camera there is very jolty and jerky movements of the camera which again brings the audience closer to the action and gives a sense of real life.
Additionally, Estes creates a sense of unease through the use of sound and music. When the children/teenagers first come to the conclusion that George is dead there is a very calm atmosphere and sad melancholy music is played. I feel like this music and lack of action gives a lets the tension lower as there is no longer a sense of an unknown conclusion. This tension is replaced by sympathy and sadness. On the other hand, the use of silence in this scene builds tension as the audience is more in the dark about what has happened as no one is talking about it. The lack of sounds makes the reality of George’s death and magnitude of their problems obvious. As the police are digging up George’s body, George voiceovers with a speech that he had said to his camera previously about people not understanding him. This makes the audience feel even more sadness towards his death as they now know that he was just a misunderstood boy who only wanted to fit in and make friends.
Lastly, Estes...

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