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Textual Analysis

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Zach Dedin
Dr. Myklebust
Going Deep in a Major League Field
The year was 2014, the date April 15th. On a sunny day in the town of Denver, a Colorado kid was about to do something that no other high school student-athlete in the state of Colorado, would do that year.
Holy Family High School, school size approximately six hundred, located in Broomfield, Colorado, has a baseball team that gets to participate in a game at Coors Field against a rival opponent as the only Class 3A team. This year the Holy Family Tigers renewed their old rivalry with the Erie Tigers, a team just north of the high school. This rivalry, one renewed every fall with football, was now going to be renewed on the ...view middle of the document...

The time came to load the buses, junior varsity in the front, and varsity in the back. There was a sense that something awesome was going to happen, something that would grab the attention of the media and the fans. Well it was time for that something.
Sitting in the visitors’ locker room of Coors Field, there were smiling faces, phones taking pictures, and the feeling of being a major leaguer lurking in our minds. While we were admiring the facility and what it had to offer, we never once shied away from the game we still had to play.
The Holy Family Tigers took the field first, went 1-2-3 in the top of the first inning and was now time for them to hit. The leadoff man or first batter of the game reached first base and the next man up hit him in. The three and four hole hitters both struck out. It was my turn now. The first pitch was a ball, second a change of for a strike, third a fastball high and in that I hit straight to the backstop. I just missed the previous pitch, not thinking the pitcher would throw the same pitch but he did. There was a runner on second and time just froze. The count was one ball and two strikes, with two outs. The pitch was delivered, a little up and in, quite ideal if I do say so myself. The pitcher made a mistake and soon his little mistake became a big...

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