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Texting While Driving Essay

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More than one trillion text messages were sent world-wide last year. Texting while driving has become more common in today’s society than it has ever been. I would like all people driving behind the wheel of any vehicle to stop using their cell phones while driving because it is extremely dangerous and irresponsible.
People need to be against texting while driving because it causes a large number of car accidents every year. Many of them are fatal. While driving, teenagers and adults cannot resist the urge to pick up their cell phone and text. As soon as the driver’s eyes look down at their cell phone, the focus on the road is drawn away. About 6,000 are killed because of some kind of distraction while driving and about 1,000 of those accidents reported ...view middle of the document...

It is a scary thought that texting while driving is worse than drunk driving. According to the University of Utah, cell phone distractions can increase reaction time as much as if you had a .08% blood alcohol concentration! Common sense should tell you texting would be the most dangerous situation.
People do not need to text while driving because these accidents and tickets result in higher auto insurance rates. It is the law to have insurance on your motor vehicle. The driver risks losing his insurance or his/her rates will go up if they have an automobile accident. In my opinion, not texting while driving is a no brainer. Why risk losing your vehicle insurance, getting a higher insurance rate or injuring yourself or others. It is just not worth it. Texting while driving increases your odds for crashing by 20 times.
Don’t forget that texting and driving does not only affect the person texting. It puts others in danger. One unimportant text could cause another person their life. Have the courage to speak out and tell others not to text and drive. Think about it, is a text message really so important that is has to be done right away? Texting while driving not only impairs your ability to drive safely but it also is dangerous for the people around you. Let me review them: 1,000 accidents are reported yearly involving texting while driving, texting can be compared to drunk driving and lastly it makes your car insurance go up or even the loss of it. Your chance of being in a serious crash goes up by 400% while using a cell phone, and 800% while texting. If this has made you aware how dangerous it is to text while driving, which I hope it has, please take a pledge to stop texting while driving to protect you and other innocent victims.

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