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Chapter 12 – Teaching to Different Learning Styles

Chapter 12 discusses three types of learning styles that pertain to college students and the professors who teaches them. The first of learning styles mentioned in the chapter is Kolb’s Cycle of Learning Modes. This cycle presents the process of meaningful learning as a sense of events that integrates the functions of feeling, perceiving, thinking, and acting. This is where the student moves a cycle consisting of four phases. Fleming and Mills’ sensory based learning style is discussed as well. There are four descriptive learning styles. They include digital, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Last of the ...view middle of the document...

McKeachie (1994) and Bligh (2000) claim “the lecture can highly motivated, but its success depends on the lecturer.” (p.93). The chapter continues to talk about time and attention spans. This section breaks down how long students’ attention is retained from the beginning of the lecture until the conclusion. The chapter recommends breaking the lecture up by having student active breaks where students work in pairs or groups. Furthermore, it is noted that the lecturing method is still the most valuable tool for instructing college students when the instructor has various objectives in mind for student learning. The chapter gives exact steps for preparing an effective lecture. It also furnishes several options for student active breaks.

Chapter 15 – Leading Effective Discussions

Chapter 15 presents pertinent suggestions for leading effective discussions among college students. Discussions in a college setting are beneficial in changing students’ attitudes, procuring factual and conceptual knowledge. Students are also able to develop problem solving skills, students are motivated to further learn, and discussion helps them to transfer knowledge to new situations. Students are apt to retain information longer from a discussion rather than a lecture according to the text. In addition, the chapter gives step by step instructions for forming discussions in the classroom and how to keep them going once they have commenced.

Chapter 16 – Questioning Techniques for Discussion and Assessment

Chapter 16 ties in with the previous chapter about leading effective discussions. The chapter supplies...

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