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Text Mining Essay

1391 words - 6 pages

Car park and transfer case study at an airport

21 March 2014

Francisco Villarroel Dr Charalampos Theodoulidis Dr Jamie Burton Prof Thorsten Gruber Dr Mohamed Zaki

•  Customer Feedback and Value co-creation •  (Text Mining and its applications) •  Car park and transfer case study at an airport •  Results •  Managerial Implications •  Further Research

Customer Feedback
“Customer feedback process” plays a key role in ensuring that information from complaints, compliments, market research and other sources are systematically collected, analysed, and disseminated in ways that will drive ...view middle of the document...

•  Delight in the case of good service


•  Provide information about core

•  Maintain long term value from

competences of the company

dissatisfied customers.
•  Represent areas that does not need

•  Lack of Originality in their content. •  Receive less attention from customer

•  Can damage self confidence on front

line employees.
•  Can generate negative WOM

Luthans, (2002); Kraft and Martin, (2001); Soderlund, (1998); Gruber, (2010); Chebat et al (2005); Buttle and Burton, (2002)

What’s Value co-creation?:
•  It’s the process of interactions between

the customer and the company’s service proposition.
•  It’s a form of understanding the customer and

the firm as sum of resources which constantly interact in order to generate value (Vargo and Lush, 2004)
•  These interactions occurs across a

service process, through different

activities which start from the contact of
the customer with the firm until the end of the service (Payne et al 2008)

Text Mining
•  Process of analyzing collections of textual materials in order to

capture key concepts & themes & uncover hidden trends.
•  80% of firms information is stored in text format.(Ur-Rahman and

Harding 2011)
•  The approaches covered in literature:
•  Linguistic approach: consider the natural language characteristics of the text in the

documents (e.g., syntax, grammar)
•  Non-linguistic approach: view documents as a series of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs. Counting the number of times specific words appear in a document

1.  Automate process of customer feedback analysis

through a text mining model.
2.  Determine what are the most important resources and

activities for the customer when using this service.
3.  Evaluate the potential of customer compliments and

complaints for improving their service experience.

Research Process
1. Understand the customer feedback process 2. Collect a sample of customer compliments and complaints. 3. Development and test of a text mining model 4. Present the results to the participant company and evaluate

Customer Feedback Process
•  Daily online survey is sent to customers who parked

their car 2 days before.
•  In the Survey, open question asking:

“What is the single most important factor you feel we can improve upon to enhance your car park experience”
•  The company receives approximately 1000 comments

per week, 50,000 responses annually on average

Current Practice
1.  Each comment is classified into just one category (despite often

including more than one compliment, complaint, or suggestion)

Positive or negative sentiments are individual categories, with no relationship to a specific element of the service The classification of comments by means of...

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