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Exercise 6.1
There are many different goals I would like to complete. My first goal is to work for a state program called CareStar. Then I want to build a program called Next Step for teens in my local community. My last goal is to advocate for the Scleroderma Foundation regularly.
The steps that must be taken to achieve my goals will take years. In order for me to work at CareStar I must be a licensed social worker. So my steps will be to complete the Bachelors program at the University of Phoenix, transfer to Wright State University’s master’s degree program, complete internships, take state test and apply for a position.
When building my program for Next Step different kinds of steps ...view middle of the document...

Partializing the objectives for employment Freydia would be made aware of the steps. Buying a newspaper, drafting a resume, contacting businesses and interviewing. When finding stable housing Freydia would overview her financial circumstances, local available houses or apartments, contact owner, view property, sign lease and receive keys to property.
Due to Thomas having a mental illness several component objectives need to be completed before he can return to college. Thomas would need ongoing psychological counseling, therapy, medications, identification of weaknesses and strengths, meetings with school staff, and support team.
How I would partialize meeting with the school staff consist of several steps. Thomas or his mother would need to contact the college’s disability services. Then explain Thomas condition, find out options, workshops, counseling services, tutoring services and create a long-term plan on meeting academic requirements.
In Rad's case his big objectives would be learning how to speak English and becoming an engineer. The partializing objectives for learning English are locating a school that teaches the language and also has someone that speaks Rad's language. Rad would need to...

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