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Texas Undocumented Students Essay

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Texas Undocumented Students
And Education Policy
EDU 365 Politics of American Education
September 3, 2012

The society group of undocumented immigrant students has impacted education policy in many ways over the last ten years, especially the Border States that are so highly affected such as; California, Arizona, and Texas. In this paper I will focus on Texas and how these policies including the rights of the students, funding issues, and language barriers have impacted the way in which these school districts have had to change the policies set forth to ensure every child receives a quality public education.
In Texas, prior to 1982 the law did not allow school districts ...view middle of the document...

(Combs, Susan, 2006)

Public Education Cost Comparison

| |FAIR 1999-2000 |FAIR 2003-2004 |Comptroller 2000-2001 |Comptroller 2004-2005 |
|Avg. Cost Per Student |$6,288 |$7,450 |$6,447 |$7,085 |
|Est. Number of Undocumented Immigrants |164,000 |225,000 |125,000 |135,000 |
|Total Cost |$1.03 billion |$1.68 billion |$806 million |$957 million |

Note: FAIR’s estimates include federal dollars. (Combs, Susan, 2006)

With the escalating number of undocumented students as well as the cost of educating all students and funding being a key component in many education policies I believe this to be vital information going forward. In addition to the cost associated with undocumented students there are many policies brought forward specifically for this society group. A couple of policies identified by The Texas Education Agency website are as follows:
• Chapter 89. Adaptations for Special Populations Subchapter BB. Commissioner's Rules Concerning State Plan for Educating English Language Learners.

Ҥ89.1201. Policy. It is the policy of the state that every student in the state who has a home language other than English and who is identified as an English language learner shall be provided a full opportunity to participate in a bilingual education or English as a second language (ESL) program, as required in the Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 29, Subchapter B.
The provisions of this §89.1201 adopted to be effective September 1, 1996, 21 TexReg 5700; amended to be effective May 28, 2012, 37 TexReg 3822.” (, 2012)

• Subchapter B. Bilingual Education and Special Language Programs.
“Sec. 29.051. STATE POLICY. English is the basic language of this state. Public schools are...

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