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Testing Document Essay

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Testing Document

Today I am writing this paper to complete a test. This will be uploaded online to see if the test will be a success. I do not care what the use of this document will go towards. Here is just a random list of countries in the world.

Region |
Afghanistan | Asia |
Albania | Europe |
Algeria | Africa |
American Samoa | Australasia |
Andorra | Europe |
Angola | Africa |
Anguilla | Caribbean |
Antigua and Barbuda | Caribbean |
Argentina | South America |
Armenia | Europe |
Aruba | Caribbean |
Australia | Australasia |
Austria | Europe |
Azerbaijan | Europe |
Bahamas | Caribbean |
Bahrain | Middle East |
Bangladesh | Asia |
Barbados | ...view middle of the document...

Europe |
Ethiopia | Africa |
Falkland Islands | South America |
Faroe Islands | Europe |
Fiji | Australasia |
Finland | Europe |
France | Europe |
French Guiana | South America |
Gabon | Africa |
Gambia | Africa |
Georgia | Europe |
Germany | Europe |
Ghana | Africa |
Gibraltar | Europe |
Greece | Europe |
Greenland | Europe |
Grenada | Caribbean |
Guadeloupe (French) | Caribbean |
Guam (USA) | Australasia |
Guatemala | North America |
Guinea | Africa |
Guinea Bissau | Africa |
Guyana | South America |
Haiti | Caribbean |
Holy See | Europe |
Honduras | North America |
Hong Kong | Asia |
Hungary | Europe |
Iceland | Europe |
India | Asia |
Indonesia | Asia |
Iran | Middle East |
Iraq | Middle East |
Ireland | Europe |
Israel | Middle East |
Italy | Europe |
Ivory Coast (Cote D`Ivoire) | Africa |
Jamaica | Caribbean |
Japan | Asia |
Jordan | Middle East |
Kazakhstan | Asia |
Kenya | Africa |
Kiribati | Australasia |
Kuwait | Middle East |
Kyrgyzstan | Asia |
Laos | Asia |
Latvia | Europe |
Lebanon | Middle East |
Lesotho | Africa |
Liberia | Africa |
Libya | Africa |
Liechtenstein | Europe |
Lithuania | Europe |
Luxembourg | Europe |
Macau | Asia |
Macedonia | Europe |
Madagascar | Africa |
Malawi | Africa |
Malaysia | Asia |
Maldives | Asia |
Mali | Africa |
Malta | Europe |
Marshall Islands | Australasia |
Martinique (French) | Caribbean |
Mauritania | Africa |
Mauritius | Africa |
Mayotte | Africa |
Mexico | North America |
Micronesia | Australasia |
Moldova | Europe |
Monaco | Europe |
Mongolia | Asia |
Montenegro | Europe |
Montserrat | Caribbean |
Morocco | Africa |
Mozambique | Africa |
Myanmar | Asia |
Namibia | Africa |
Nauru | Australasia |
Nepal | Asia |
Netherlands | Europe |
Netherlands Antilles | Caribbean |
New Caledonia (French) | Australasia |
New Zealand | Australasia |
Nicaragua | North America |
Niger | Africa |
Nigeria | Africa |
Niue | Australasia |
Norfolk Island | Australasia |
North Korea |...

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