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Testing Class Essay

1481 words - 6 pages

The Simulated Assessment Instrument
For each item status, enter “Contains Bias” or “Not Biased” where indicated.
If biased, describe in a sentence or two how the item is biased. Provide specific suggestions for revising the item to eliminate bias.

1. Mr. Alvarez is a salesman for a furniture store. Last week, Mr. Alvarez’s sales receipts totaled $25,436. This week, Mr. Alvarez’s sales receipts totaled $32,199. How much more did Mr. Alvarez’s sales receipts total this week than last week?

A. $ 3,363
B. $ 6,763
C. $13,363
D. $16,763

Item Status: Contains bias.

Comments and revision(s) (if necessary): Mr. Alvarez is referred to as a salesMAN which is an example of gender bias. To fix the ...view middle of the document...

Third bias involves ethnic bias because it does not list a Hispanic or Asian name. The write could fix it by including one such name.

3. A teacher needs help carrying a class set of textbooks to the department office. The teacher asks five students to carry the 35 books. If each student carried the same number of books, how many books did each student carry?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

Item Status: Not biased.

Comments and revision(s) (if necessary):

4. The Johnsons are considering hiring an au pair for their child. One very good applicant requests a stipend of $800 per month and health insurance, which will cost them an additional $250 per month. Comparable daycare would cost them $300 per week. What is the cost difference between the au pair and daycare for a full year?

a. The au pair will cost $3,000 more.
b. Daycare will cost $3,000 more.
c. Daycare will cost $1,440 more.
d. There is no difference in cost.

Item Status: Contains bias.

Comments and revision(s) (if necessary): The question contains elitism because there was unnecessary vocabulary with using the words “au pair” and “stipend” and “comparable daycare”. Socioeconomic or class bias could also be present as it includes ideas that may not be common to all students in areas. The writer could have said looking for childcare for their child. Should have left out “au pair” “comparable” and could replace “stipend” with “pay”. “Au pair” could be replaced with live-in babysitter.

5. Archeologists discovered the home of a mid 19th century slave family. The home was most likely constructed during the 1840s by Nathaniel Beverley Tucker for a slave called Polly Valentine. Valentine and her family lived in this house until the outbreak of the Civil War.

Mid-19th century slave house of Polly Valentine.|
Copyright 2002 Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. All rights reserved.
Graphic from

Use your ruler and the legend to find the perimeter, in feet, of the Polly Valentine House.

A. 12
B. 24
C. 36
D. 72

Item Status: Contains bias.

Comments and revision(s) (if necessary): This problem causes problems with the affective construct irrelevant variance by referring to slavery which could cause students to experience emotional stress. There is also ethnicity bias due to calling an African American a slave which is a racist remark. There is also cultural bias because it stereotypes African Americans as slaves. There is also gender bias because the slaves name is Polly Valentine which gives the idea that only females are slaves. It could be rewritten as: Archeologists discovered the home of a mid 19th century family. The home was most likely constructed during the 1840s by Nathaniel Beverley Tucker for a girl called Polly Valentine. Valentine and her family lived in this house until the outbreak of the Civil War.

6. Loretta’s family lives on an Indian reservation in New Mexico. To supplement their meager income,...

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