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Testing And Monitoring Security Controls Essay

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Testing and Monitoring Security Controls
In the grand scheme of things security controls, in a nutshell, are in place to prevent security breaches. Security controls are safeguards or countermeasures to avoid, counteract or minimize security risks relating to personal property, or computer software. So anything that has to do with accessing sensitive information with the intent of using it maliciously is considered a security risk. Things that might be overlooked or investigated may be cause for concern as there are never any true false positives in the world of cyber security. A couple of things that usually go unnoticed are failed login attempts and increased network traffic. This is ...view middle of the document...

Someone may have come behind you and halted the shutdown just to gain access to your computer, installed a torrent program and started downloading stuff remotely from a mobile device or something that is on the same network. Now you are in hot water and so is the person that did it. Having a strong password may have also reduced the chances of someone gaining access to your system even if it is the same password. It can be varied so that is stronger based on the recommendation of the access control plan put into place.
Network traffic monitoring is an easy way to get caught doing something on a server that you shouldn’t. The increased upload or downloads coming from one particular IP address in a subnet could be a potential and intentional attack. Or it could be a worker on his lunch break streaming Netflix movies or Hulu TV shows. Either way protocols are in place that state how much traffic normally comes from the department in order to keep internet access costs down. Monitoring through Network monitoring tools usually takes the guess work out of an issue like this but what if you aren’t the one doing it and its being done on the main server from...

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