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Tester Essay

281 words - 2 pages

Human Resource Management Interview

BMGT 332-001
March 19, 2001


I. Introduction...............................1
II. Organization Information...................1
III. Background Information.....................2
IV. Role of Human Resources....................3
V. Performance Appraisals.....................5
VI. Closing....................................6
VII. Works Cited................................7

Human resource management is part of ...view middle of the document...

Organizational goals and employee needs are considered mutual and compatible in this approach, instead of simply addressing them as separate things. In other words, one need cannot be gained at the expense of the other (Human Resource Management... 6). The human resource manager in charge of the corporate office of a large brewing company, and also the manager that I interviewed, is Lori Fulmer. Mrs. Fulmer is the benefits and risk manager of Gordon Biersch.
Organization Information
Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch founded their first restaurant in Palo Alto in 1988. What began as a single restaurant brewery collaboration soon turned into a chain. A little over two years ago, Trolley Barn Breweries Holding Company, which consists of many Big River Grille restaurants, Rock Bottom, A1A Ale House and Seven Bridges Bar & Grille, purchased the rights to the Gordon Biersch restaurants. The new company still retains the Gordon Biersch name. The two founding members still run the
brewery based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The lucrative
merger blends the West Coast brewing style, which uses the unique German style of brewing, with the one of a kind microbreweries of the East. This merger incorporated twenty-five restaurants and two more have opened in the past..

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