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Test Essay

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Can the Damage on Earth be reversed?
Human activities occurring every day have had colossal damage to our planet Earth from the past, and these activities are perpetual. The infinity aspect of these perverse human doings implies continuous damage to the Earth. These activities include air pollution as a result of industrial emissions, water pollution caused by industrial waste products, noise pollution, and soil pollution. These damages yield adverse effects such as global warming, climate change, and loss of marine life among many aggravating effects of environmental damage. Even though, global organizations and governments have devoted much effort to environmental protection and ...view middle of the document...

Human involvement activities such as forming reservoirs, straightening meandering rivers, and restoring productive wastelands are beneficial and hospitable to life. This is referred to as restoration ecology involving activities such as impounding waters which can cause suspended materials to settle in rivers thus improving stream quality, (Manahan, 2007). These various activities that aim at restoring the quality of the farmland and streams are helpful in restoring the quality of the ecosystem that was extracted through harmful effects of human activities.
Advanced technology can also be opted for as a way of conserving and improving the state of life on Earth. Soil productivity can be increased vastly through application of fertilizers, herbicides, plant genetics, and advanced cultivation and harvesting techniques, (Manahan, 2007). Also, farming can be improved by building terraces and waterways planted to grass forming robust and erosion-resistant sod. This can improve soil productivity while slowing erosion to a negligible level.
Other than restoring soil productivity, climate change poses danger to human health. It emanates from adverse effects of global warming; thus, it can be mitigated using more or less similar...

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