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Louise Raaskou JørgensenWednesday 29.10.14Speech assignment'Every little helps', yes that is in fact the slogan, ladies and gentlemen, of Tesco, but there is surely nothing little about Tesco. We sell approximate 1.5 billion bananas a year in the UK, yes you heard right, 1.5 billions bananas, which is 185,000 tonnes and the equivalent of about 46,000 African elephants. [-1: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1319718/Tesco-numbers-Employs-472-000-people-makes-6K-minute.html]On that note, my name is Louise RJ and I am the PR assistant at Tesco. Welcome to you all here at the London School of Economics and thank you for having me today.What is Tesco? Some of you might think, let me ...view middle of the document...

The problems starts with the critics who say our stores are being too industrialized.''Lack of warmth'', ''low service'' and ''empty shelves'', has been the key words critics described Tesco stores with. These problems are the result of several issues that the financial crisis has brought, such as staff cutting in the Tesco stores, which has caused a poorer level of service and store maintenance.Another major problem for Tesco is they recently established a chain of grocery stores in the US called ''Fresh And Easy'', that haven't made any profit yet. ''Fresh And Easy'' has had a rough start, with many mistakes made by Tesco in the beginning of it's launching.We have had our fair share of disappointments over the last couples of years, including bad press regarding Tesco's store image, struggling growth of our expected percentage and our adventure in the United States not quite resulting in any profit so far.It is not a bolt from the blue that the Tesco stock has dropped remarkable in the market value, when considering all the before mentioned problems. Our big investors have also had their doubts about Tesco's new projects. They have tried to convince us to sell the ''Fresh And Easy'' grocery stores. But we at Tesco strongly believe in this project and it will become a success over time.Tesco is of course not just passively sitting by, waiting for the sales to come up. Tesco is actively pursuing success. Actually Tesco is doing quite well and the company is only getting larger.Tesco's very own Phillip Clarke has announced an £1billion investment in renewing and improving the Tesco shops around the UK and hiring over 22,000 new staff members.This is the time to invest in Tesco's future!The store improvement is not only for the sake of maintenance it is actually a clever strategic move. The stores will be renewed, painted in soft colours that will give the consumers eyes a welcoming feeling and mouth-watering pictures of foods will be posted on the walls.One of the...

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