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Terrorist Attacks And Its Effect On The Muslim Population

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There has been countless events throughout history in which devastating acts of terrorism have occurred worldwide. Terrorism attacks such as 9/11, the Paris attack, and the San Bernardino shooting have all caused panic and fear into poor, innocent people. In all three of these attacks the people responsible have been of the Muslim religion. Due to their religious beliefs many people have begun to stereotype everyone that is Muslim to be evil terrorist, when in reality not every Muslim person is bad. Many films, television shows, and documentaries have presented Muslims in this negative stereotypical manner such as: Iron Man 3, the television show 24, a documentary called Real Bad Arabs, and ...view middle of the document...

There was horrific images of people jumping out of the building because they preferred to die quickly rather than stay stuck in the building and burn to death. There was fire and smoke everywhere and before they knew it, horror struck again. This time in Washington D.C. where the plane was crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37am (Smith). This attack killed the fifty-nine people on the plane and another one hundred and twenty-five military and civilian personnel that were inside the building. At 9:59am the South Tower collapses and at 10:07 there is another plane crash. This time the plane did not hit anything else because the passengers on the plane decided to fight back. This made the hijackers deliberately crash the plane into a field in Pennsylvania. Sadly all forty passengers and crew members on board were killed. Lastly the North Tower collapsed at 10:28am (Smith). The mayor at the time called for an evacuation of Lower Manhattan to search for survivors in the remains of the World Trade Center.
This entire terrorism attack was thought out by Osama Bin Laden. The nineteen men that were the hijackers were weak and let themselves get brainwashed into thinking that killing people will automatically send them to heaven. This is just like every other individual that is weak minded, who lets others influence their beliefs. There are bad people who are Muslim, but there are bad people everywhere of every religion and race. This does not make everyone from a specific religion or race the same. Every individual is unique in their way of thinking and the way they see the world. It is certain attacks like this that make uneducated people have hatred towards all Muslims because they think that they are the same as these terrorists.
In the movie Iron Man 3 there is a specific scene in which Iron Man breaks down a door that leads into a sweatshop where there are many Muslim women sitting down working and using sewing machines. They are in a room filled with only women, yet they are all wearing their black niqab. This is a stereotype because a Muslim women does not wear a niqab when they are surrounded only by females. They are required to wear their niqabs when they are around males. In the scene a woman who is blending in with the other Muslim women is a terrorist. This in itself is a horrible stereotype, why does every terrorist have to be Muslim? As the scene progresses the women all runaway in fear and that is when Iron Man tells them that they are all free now. This is showing how Muslim women are voiceless and need to...

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