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Terms For Final Essay

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Liu Shaoqi
-Revolutionary, Communist, president of the PRC
-1898-1969, died in prison.
-The most famous victim of the Cultural Revolution, “the biggest unjust case of the CCP”, he was posthumously rehabilitated in 1980 and given a state funeral

Zhou Enlai
-A leader of the CCP, Revolutionary, diplomat
-The first Primer of the PRC, most important political partner of Mao, very positive appraise by the history and Chinese people.

American Volunteer Group

Lin Biao
- a major Communist military leader
-Leader of the army during the civil war, especially in Northeastern China.
- Lin had chance to be the successor of Mao, but his relation with Mao became terrible later in the Cultural Revolution. Lin died in plane crush in Mongolia, and he is also blamed for the cultural revolution

Jiang Qing
-4th Wife of Mao
-Became to be active in Chinese political life in 1960s Cultural ...view middle of the document...

Deng Xiaoping
-The Second generation of the CCP leader
-“the general designer of China's Reform and Opening program”. “One Country, two system”. Times Person the Year in 1985 and 1978. His policies are called Deng Xiaoping Theory later

Douglas Macarthur
-American General, president of Military Academy at West Point
- The commander in chief during the Korean War
Anti-Rightist Movement
-The first political movement involved the whole society after the found of the PRC
-1950s-early 1960s
- less support for CCP among educated elite; Mao calls the intellectuals ‘traitors,’ ‘whores,’; Few killed; most demoted, ruralized, etc.

Hundred Flowers Campaign
-A political philosophy of the CCP, regard to the development in science, culture and art of communism China
- a brief six weeks during 1957
- The policy shows the demand of development of the society, however, due to the later Anti-Right and CR, this movement didn’t go far.

Three Antis/Five Antis
-Political movement in early PRC history
- Three Antis: Corruption, waste, bureaucracy. Five antis: Bribery, theft of state property, tax evasion, cheating on govt. contracts, stealing state economic info.

Three All
- violent and inhuman policies of Japanese army in China
-WWII,2nd SJ War
-Kill all, burn all, rob all.

Quotations of Chairman Mao Zedong
-Quotations of Mao’s books, ideas, and others
-Guide and theory for the red guards during the CR
-Good book of Mao’s communism ideas, but was abused during the CR. Mistaken personality cult.

National People’s congress
-Chinese version of Parliament. legislative assembly body.
-1954, the first congress
-The most powerful organization of China; led by the CCP; practice of people's democratic dictatorship, Chinese version of representative democracy.

State council of the PRC
-Chinese government. Chinese version of “White House”.
-Established in 1954 after the Chinese constitution.
- Administrative body, executive body of the NPC

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