Term Paper Structure

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Term Paper Process

The term paper is not a single submission assignment. You have to follow a process and you will earn you grade through all the steps of the process:

Conduct background research on your country of choice
Write a Term Paper developed through a process of drafting & review:
Submit a FIRST DRAFT of your paper
Review the drafts of 3 (three) other students and apply the rubric to their drafts
After review by 3 other students and the instructor/writing consultant you will receive feedback on your first draft from at least 4 individuals
Submit a SECOND DRAFT of your paper
After review by 3 other students and the instructor/writing consultant you will receive feedback ...view middle of the document...

Information on proper reference citation using APA or MLA style refer to the library website under the BUSA3000 Research Guide
The textbook with several resources identified in each chapter
The CTW writing consultant assigned to this section
Peers that will give you feedback
Assessing your own work against that of your peers as you review the papers of 3 other students
A defined process for doing research and preparing a term paper.
Draft Process

The term paper itself will be completed in three steps:

You need to select a country other than the USA to study for the tern paper. You will then do some background research on the country to allow you to select a topic to explore as it relates to this country. You will continue the process by collecting information about your selected topic as it relates to your country. The objective for this first draft is (a) to collect the background information and to (b) develop a concept thesis for your paper. This stage will be due as the First Draft of your term paper, should be no less than 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) words and will be submitted in SWoRD. You will receive feedback on the First Draft from the instructor/writing consultant as well as three peers in the class in SWoRD and then will be able to incorporate any of this feedback you get into your Second Draft. You will also give feedback and assess the drafts of three other students in your class using the rubric.

The Second Draft will require you to continue to do research on your topic and show specific supporting evidence for your thesis. If you discover that your thesis needs to be modified or changed you will need to make the appropriate adjustment. In the paper you will need to conduct an analysis of your topic as it relates to your selected country. Your evidence needs to include at least one newspaper article (from outside the country you choose to cover or the USA) as one of the pieces of evidence in support of the thesis. This article may not originate from the country you cover in your...

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