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Term Paper On Bosundhara

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At first we present our due regards to the Almighty, who provided us the brilliant

opportunity to build and complete this report successfully with good health and mind.

In this report we required to prepare a marketing plan for a new product, so as per our

instructor’s (Afreen choudhury) recommendation we decide to prepare a plan on

“Bashundhara satellite”. It has been a pleasure and honor to show our heartiest respect

to our instructor for giving us the opportunity. Her enriched and powerful structured

discussion has been a great help in each step of writing this plan

During the work of this plan would not have been realize ...view middle of the document...

We have collected information mostly from the

website. So it’s not possible to find out the appropriate scenario from them. But it was not

possible to collect information from all the employees and labors of the company. Some

information that we have collected from the website are not updated. It was not possible

for us to recheck and justify all the in information.

In spite of those limitations we have tried our best to make our plan as better as possible.

We hope the report will satisfy its best purpose.


“Basundhara Satellite ” is a DTH(Direct To Home) satellite

television provider in Bangladesh, using “MPEG -2 “ digital compression technology,

transmitting using “INSAT 4A” at 83.0°E. It primarily planned to offer closes to 100

channels and some interactive ones. At the beginning we are going to launch “Basundhara

Satellite” and “Basundhara Satellite +”.

“Basundhara Satellite +” is a premium set-top box-cum-Personal Video Recorder or

even known as DVR Digital Video Recorder that allows recording up to 130 hours of

live TV, recording one programme while watching another, pause, fast-forward and

rewind a live telecast and review a TV programme. Also “Basundhara Satellite +”

provides service using MPEG-4 digital compression technology.

“Basundhara Satellite” aims to revolutionizes Bangladeshi entertainment by

offering superior DVD quality picture and CD quality sound. “Basundhara

Satellite ” envisions:

|“Connecting every television home |
|Empowering every television viewer |
|Revolutionizing home entertainment”. |

“Basundhara Satellite” itself as a DTH services requiring

a Dish, A set top box and network access card per television. Later variant like Community dish for entire building were launched.

Services provided by “Basundhara Satellite” :

• Active Service

• Parental Control

• Search and Scan Banner

• Guide

• Setting Favorites Channels

Description of Services :

1)Active Service : This service includes :

a)Active English :

This service will help housewives improve their English

conversational skills, vocabulary and pronunciation from the comfort of their homes, at a

time most convenientto them. With Active English, they can learn how to converse

confidently in English in day to day situations like PTA meetings,...

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