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• J.P. Morgan – Michael Quinn, Managing Director, Global Trade Product Management Executive • Qatar National Bank – Imre Gorzsas, Assistant General Manager, Transaction Banking • Moderator: IFC – Bilge Ozisik, Global Head, Trade Operations

Trade business evolution

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Source: BCG workshop with SWIFT, June 2012

Cross-border trade has more than tripled since the 1980’s Trade is expected to grow by on average 8.7% a year until 2020 Revenue pools are expected to grow by 80% New trade partners: intra-region and South-toSouth corridors (Asia to Latam, Africa)

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g. Misys Trade Portal); • No title documents in hand; • Full STP requires integration and process change on the customer side as well; • Transactional approach, does not deal with portfolio

Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) - SWOT Analysis

• Some existing bank revenues might be cannibalised (e.g. doc. negotiation revenues and courier charges); • Document oriented business culture both on the customer and on the bank side; • Potential legal concerns in certain countries – electronic data only, no documents; • Various alternative solutions for commercial risk mitigation in the open account space – e.g. ECA and private credit insurance with portfolio approach, CDS

Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) - SWOT Analysis

• Creates new business opportunities for banks by converting open account trade to BPO; • Increase efficiency on both the customer and on the bank sides; • Potential settlement tool for B2B and B2C web portals; • It can automate escrow account services; • Can be adopted by MDBs and ECAs; • ISO 20022 standard (same standard as proposed PSD in the EU and SWIFT); • Scope to simplify the Trade Risk participation via electronic participation certificates, disclosure; • Reduces Cash Conversion Cycle - WC optimisation, faster trade settlement processing (CCC= DSO+DIO-DPO );

Case Study for BPO
Improve processing efficiency with BPO
Company profile
• 2010 Revenues of USD 14 billion • Revenue created for approx. 50% in Asia • Trade account receivables of EUR 1.4 billion (consolidated receivables only) • More than 600 clients worldwide

Key benefits
• • • • • • • • • • • • Get paid on time and avoid judicial...

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