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Term Paper

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Title: office clerk in marketing NOC code: 1411 (C category)

首先,先问清楚是什么原因,目前最大的可能性是因为NOC 的 job title不符。我拿的是一个clerk的工资,他们认为我们提供的工作描述是在做一个clerk的活,而不是admin assistant。但是不太可能是因为误解是在国内招,因为我之前已经写得很清楚是招 international student了,走student category了。因此我有两个对策。

1. 死不认错, 就跟他们说,我们当时招的就是 assistant,做的也是high skill的活,而不是clerk做的low skill。结果最好的话,说不定他们能够马上给我们改,但是这个好像不太可能。

2. 那就只好说我们确实填错了,可以重新填写 clerk的 职位申请,但是因为特殊情况,我的工签要到期了,可不可以加快审批进度,然后1周内得到审批?

3. 然后就靠你了,晓之以情,动之以理,就说我在这边结婚了,也工作一年了,也买房子了,也很想帮助我移民,只是工签快到期了。

4. 他们也有一定的责任,本来审核周期是3到4周,他拖了6个月,我的工签早就等没了,如果当时3,到4周有结果,被拒也好,批了也好,我都有时间准备,但是现在真的没办法了。

下面是一个 office clerk的job description, 你可以参考一下看一下,跟 assistant的区别最大的是一个有工作经验一个没有。

Job ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, the person should be fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, which are essential language to be able to work in our company. 3). Thirdly, the person would also be familiar with Chinese culture, which is critical to work with our Chinese clients. 4). Moreover, high adaptability, news things welcoming, fast learning, and loyalty are his/her advantages. 5). Lastly, since the person is currently living in Saskatoon, it means she/he is able start to work immediately. 6). Considering most of the Chinese-based international students do not have much working experience so there is no requirement for the working experience. Our company would provide essential trainings.

For this position, we offer $11 as the start hourly wage for the reason that the candidate does not have much experience in this field. However, our company will provide professional full internal training such as office software training, marketing knowledge course, office equipment study, administrative course, real estate knowledge course, company policy study. The hourly wage will be increased to $13/hour to $15/hours after one year employment. The wage adjustment range will depend on their performance.

Besides, the full benefit will provide to this position. Our company will try our best to help them with their living such as provide employee accommodation or they can choose to get $ 400 rental subsidy /month instead, cell phone usage subsidy $35 / month for better communication within the company. Gas usage subsidy $100/ month will be provided for them to go to or off work. The bonus will be provided for every festival such as Chinese spring festival, Christmas, moon festival. Additionally, this administrative assistant position is marketing oriented. In order to encourage every employee who is participate in the activities held by marketing team and sales team, 0.5% commission will add to the salary when every...

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