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Term Of Research Essay

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Applied research—Using basic research methods, the outcome of the research is applied to a business problem.

Basic research—The clinical or scientific method of research. This type of research is often done in laboratories or under controlled circumstances.

Four Types of Research Methods: Reporting—A summary or incomplete review of existing data; Descriptive—Most often used in marketing or sales. This type of research always asks who, what, when, where, why, and how in research questions; Exploratory—Using focus groups or a small study to get a feel for the problem; Predictive/Causal—Research conducted where one unit is held steady, while the experiment is conducted on the other unit, ...view middle of the document...

Data can be represented at four levels of measurement:
• Nominal—e.g., Male/Female; The word nominal means in name only. Nominal variables are used on surveys to describe or identify the population being sampled;
• Ordinal—e.g., Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done; An ordinal measure can capture how a person feels on an issue, which is the case when the distance between each of the measure cannot be determined scientifically;
• Interval—e.g., Temperature or 1 to 5 satisfaction scales; with Interval measures, the distance between each unit of measure has a precise distance. For example, how long does it take ten trucks on the loading dock to unload a full container of merchandise?
• Ratio—Age in years, relative time, relative distance or relative temperature. Ratio data is captured with absolute measures; height, weight, distance, and money are all examples of ratio data.
Unit of Analysis—a classification of the individual, group, company, or societal unit under study. It is relevant because comparison of data from different units of analysis is frequently used to draw conclusions that while they seem logical are, in fact, erroneous.
For example, predicting the outcome of local elections based on a national survey or predicting the outcome of national elections based on a local survey. This fallacy involving misapplication of the unit of analysis is related...

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