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Borderless Society
Gina Huerta
Kaplan University

The foods we eat on a daily basis which are purchased from our local grocery stores can help impact our local economy when these ingredients are derived from local farmers and communities. By learning where our foods come from and purchasing locally grown foods, we can support the local socioeconomic market and community members.
Meal Analysis
In this meal analysis, the following foods and where they are derived from in order to get to our local grocery store shelves will be discussed. The ingredients consist of broiled (frozen) salmon, rice, fresh strawberries, and Folgers black coffee. One of the locally-owned grocery ...view middle of the document...

Local salmon is imported from Alaska by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and the United Fisherman of Alaska which is caught off the coast of Juneau, Alaska (Perhus, S. (2014, May 5). Fisherman go out on trips of one to two weeks at a time attempting to make the most of their trips to catch salmon and other fish. There it is put through a process until the salmon is packaged and frozen then re-packaged in retail packaging for distribution to purchasers. Packaging must meet federal requirements on freshness seals and storage life preservation methods as well as shipping requirements prior to be able to be flown anywhere (Alaska Airlines, 2014). It is flown in to a retail distribution center in Mankato, Minnesota and then distributed on trucks with freezers to the local grocer. The total distance from Juneau, Alaska to Albert Lea, Minnesota is 2714 miles (
Folgers black coffee is locally distributed to the southern region of Minnesota by A H Hermel Candy & Tobacco out of Mankato, Minnesota (Wackerly, 2014, May 3). The coffee beans used in Folgers coffee are grown in high altitudes of Central America, Caribbean, Asia, Africa, North America, and other areas including Ethiopia and Mexico (Independent Television Service, 2007).
This region is not very diversified in attaining sustainable produce which can be widely shipped. Most fresh produce is grown locally and is sold in farmer’s markets of during seasonal harvesting at a few locally-owned grocery stores.
Economic & Ecological Analysis of Food Choices
The distance in which foods must travel from their point of origin to the grocery stores in town is sufficient to support corporate agribusiness rather in which the freshness taste cannot be considered totally fresh. Foods must be prepared and packaged in a manner which will allow them to remain safely edible at time of purchase and up to the expiration date. The expense of shipping and contributing amount of pollution to the environment is great because of the materials and fuel used in the whole process of packaging and shipping. Eating locally as much as possible would greatly increase the chances of eating truly fresh foods with fresh taste. Foods which are packaged and sealed cannot have the same freshness. Less use of non-recyclable materials such as plastic packaging for salmon and containers used to package strawberries or jasmine rice are materials which do not easily decompose and cannot be recycled therefore also posing damage to the environment. Finding uses for these can include more budget-friendly ways which an also contribute to less waste which is immediately put in landfills. These can include reusing the...

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