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Term Essay

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Questions to help direct your study for the upcoming exam. On the exam, be sure to demonstrate your complete understanding of all of the issues associated with each question – more information is generally better as long as it is relevant and based on course material.


1. Consider “groupthink’ and the video we watched on this topic. Be sure to identify the symptoms of groupthink and discuss ways groupthink can be minimized ore avoided.
2. Consider the article ‘How Management Teams Can Have a good Fight.” Based on this article and in-class discussion, explain the recommended approaches for helping to ensure that conflict is ...view middle of the document...

The coffee contract was an example of a distributive negotiation with a positive bargaining zone. What does that mean for the parties involved? What should they be aware of? Specifically, in terms of strategy, identify all of the key approaches described in class and on the powerpoint slides that should be used if you are going to improve your chances of getting the biggest part of the pie. Consider offers, counteroffers, concessions, reservations prices, and target prices for sure.
8. Please define the term BATNA and describe why it matters. What can you do/what approaches should you take if you have a weak BATNA?
9. The Bio-Pharm/Seltek negotiation involved a compatible issue. What was it? How can compatible issues be used strategically? What are the advantages and disadvantages of trying to use a compatible issue strategically (to your advantage).
10. The ‘New Recruit” negotiation involved three different categories of issues: Compatible, distributive, and integrative. Briefly define each type and their importance to negotiations. Now, focus on integrative issues and...

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