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Tent City Case Study Groupthink

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Department of Public works |
Tent City Case Study |
Groupthink Solutions |
Rico |
11/29/2008 |

The content of this document is a Project Management pre-emptive recommendation to raise awareness, and therefore apply the necessary techniques to prevent Groupthink. |

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Tent City Case Study

Groupthink Solutions

There is a long history and nearly endless applications for team development. People form alliances on a daily basis with one another on a social level. This usually occurs because of common beliefs or goals between them. Many corporations recognize the power that results from these coalitions and utilizes it to advance their objectives. These companies understand that assembling employees together on teams creates a synergistic result. Even with the strength and superiority of the many, however, lies a hidden vulnerability known as, “Groupthink”.
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First of all, I recommend we monitor our team sizes. It’s a fact that larger teams are more subject to groupthink. Since there are

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no perfect team sizes, I suggest we keep them with nine members or less. In addition, I would also like to advocate different perspectives. We’ll need to select team affiliates to take on the responsibility of assuming the perspective of other constitutes. By doing so, this will hopefully bring an objective viewpoint to the team project. I also encourage each team to utilize the process of a secondary solution. This will inspire everyone to bring fresh ideas to the table and stimulate group performance to create alternative solutions. Furthermore, I know everyone is aware of the time constraints involved in this project. Since this is an emergency situation, I expect everyone to be prudent in their decision making. I want to advise everyone, however, not to focus on time restrictions because this can lead to groupthink. One final technique that I advise for each team is to appoint some members to act as devil’s advocates. The best way to know if a solution or an alternative solution will work is through trial by fire. In other words, you’ll need to have some members take an opposite position and try to “shoot holes” through your theory.
In conclusion, I believe the five techniques I’ve offered will prevent each team from succumbing to groupthink. It’s important for everyone to read over my suggestions on a timely basis in order to maintain team effectiveness. These methods are simple and can easily be overlooked. It’s imperative that each team leader and members to work together as an alliance. It is also paramount that associates do not lose their individuality in the process.

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