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Ten Point Code Essay

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Final Assignment: Ten Point Code of Ethics

Ten Point Code of Ethics
In the Information Technology field as with many professional fields it is necessary to have a clear code of ethics that ensures the safety of the professional, the organization, and the client. This code of ethics should reflect the standards that are put forth by the profession and the expectations that the profession has for those who work in this field. When developing the code of ethics I reflected on what has been important to me in my career in terms of technology, ethics, and safety in the military and in my current career. I also reflected on what I believe will be important to me when I entered ...view middle of the document...

As an IT professional you must understand that the information obtained from any information technology systems is confidential and should remain so. It is imperative that no confidential information is disclosed to any unauthorized persons, and that all respect confidentiality is maintained.
Point Three: Respect the privacy of other users, the organization, the client and of all stakeholders.
As an IT professional you will respect the privacy of others whether it is other users of technology, or stakeholders. You will not read, copy, delete, or modify, another user’s data, information files, emails, or programs. Essentially, you will not alter the electronic files of other users or stakeholders without the other user’s permission and unless it is essential to your duties as a technology professional.
Point Four: Report any wrong-doings that are observed.
As an IT professional it is your responsibility to report any wrong-doings that are observed. It is imperative that regardless of the situation if you observe wrong doings and/or illegal on goings you report it to the necessary authorities. Know and respect laws pertaining to information technology.
Point Five: Do not intentionally introduce any program or data intended to disrupt normal operations for example a computer virus or worm into any information systems.
As an IT professional you will not intentionally introduce any program or data that contains a computer virus or worm into information systems infrastructure. You will ensure the safety of the infrastructure and the data, electronic files, and information housed there. You will understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that when working with these information systems that no corrupt data is transmitted.
Point Six: Do not intentionally or carelessly misuse information technology resources. Do not attempt to modify information technology resources without prior authorization.
As an Information Technology professional it is imperative that you will not intentionally, carelessly, or negligently misuse information technology resources. It is imperative that you will not damage or vandalize information technology resources. As an IT professional it is vital that you do not attempt to modify information technology resources without prior authorization.
Point Seven: Keep knowledge and skills up-to-date through planned...

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