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Temporary Essay

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The definition of peace is different for each and every individual. According to Johan Galtung, with the agreement of any other peace theorists, peace is not just the absence of war. Peace is obtained through justice in all forms. Peace is different for a country of great power to the developing countries, “’…peace to the people in developing countries means not only the absence of disorder and injustice from the society… but also nonintervention in domestic affairs by big powers and unhampered economic development’” (Diokno 6-7). The Philippines belongs to these developing countries, and a region in this country, Mindanao, has been on pursuit for lasting peace. This is the kind of peace the ...view middle of the document...

This lead to another question, because “the pursuit of autonomy was already given….The question was only on the issue of how much autonomy” (Tanggol 31). Other known problems include land reform, industrialization based on agricultural development (Diokno 40), political related issues, and others. Many groups including the Government considered poverty the main reason. After a closer look to the situation, they realized that injustice is the root cause of the problem (Diokno 4-5).

The existence of such number of problems pushed the call for peace talks, for both panels – the Government and the Bangsamoro representatives, to meet and discuss solutions to the problem. This is what was conceived that the talks would be able to do during the GRP-MILF peace talks: “‘[These] issues and concerns are what we perceive to be the Bangsamoro problem. Finding a political and lasting solution to this problem will form part of the agenda in the forthcoming talks…, with the end in view of establishing a system of life and governance suitable and acceptable to the Bangsamoro people’”(Santos 8-9). The GRP-MNLF negotiation envisioned a lasting peace in Mindanao, a better economic program, and a positive climate for the cultural groups to develop (Ferrer 6). On the other hand, “peace is harder to build than to make war, because it takes two or several parties to make and construct peace and only one to create trouble or destruction” (Jubair 6) and through the years of negotiating, only a few laws were made, and the conflict has not yet been concluded. The negotiations amongst these groups showed major contributions to the failure of the talks. Although it has been used over the years up to the present, peace talks are not the solution to the conflict in Mindanao, because the problem are the solutions itself – the disagreement of framework, the problem with security and the problem with a ceasefire.

Safety and immunity guarantees are needed to provide both panels security for a better mutual agreement and a chance to smoothly process the peace talks. It is a must to ensure security, but the problem with it is that during peace talks, there are more provisions and agreements on security than on the development for a solution, and some privileges given are abusive and might give an obscure view of the direction of the peace talks.

During the GRP-MILF peace talks, “...there were more agreements on security than on relief, rehabilitation and development...” (Santos 32). During the GRP-NDF peace talks, it took almost four months to sign and finalize security guarantees and passes, while the formal talks were held only for a month (Diokno 35). These show that as long as security measures are concerned, it would take long before the actual talks and solution-making would take place. Along with this long process of agreements on security are various disagreements on passes and immunities. This was reflected during the GRP-NDF negotiations, on the...

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