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Template For Preparing Project Proposals Essay

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I. Project Cover sheet – include contact information, project director, project period,
indigenous population that your organization represents or works with, and project

II. Organizational history, mission, vision and structure – include a few brief
paragraphs explaining how your organization was established, its mission, vision and
structure, as well as its record of working on indigenous issues

III. Background and analysis of the problem to be addressed – provide an
an analysis of the field, what are the existing gaps and challenges, and what
exactly is the problem to be ...view middle of the document...

50 Consultant(s) |  |  | |
|11.51Consultant 1 |150$/month*10months |1500 | |
|11.52 Consultant 2 |150$/month*10months |1500 | |
|13.00 Administrative Support |  |  | |
|13.01Financial officer |450$*10months |  | |
|13.02Administrator |400$/month*10months |1500 | |
|15.00 Official Travel |  |  | |
|15.01 Travel in 7 districts |120$/month*10months |1200 | |
|Project Personnel |  |  | |
|19.00 Component Total |  |5700 | |
|  |  |  | |
|30 Training** |  |  | |
|33.00 In-service Training |  |  | |
|33.01Rent of the workshop facilities |100$*9workshops |900 | |
|33.02Handout preparation |50$*9workshops |450 | |
|33.03Refreshments |100$*9workshops |900 | |
|33.04Coordination fee for the districts |50$*9districts |450 | |
|33.05Stationaries |50$*9workshops |450 | |
|33.06Transportation for the workshop |50$*9workshops |450 | |

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