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Tells The Story Of Pope Urban And His Speech At The Council Of Clermont

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The Council of ClermontFor many years the point has been argued by historians as to whom to give credit for initiating The First Crusade. Some individuals might say that Peter the Hermit is responsible. However, historians agree that Pope Urban II's speech at the Council of Clermont initiated the First Crusade and influenced the people and events in the battles.In August of the year 1095 Pope Urban arrived in France to help reform the church there. He soon called for a general church council in November at Clermont, and traveled through various towns reforming churches until he arrived in Clermont in mid-November. "The council met 18 through 28 of November, 1095 with three hundred clerics ...view middle of the document...

He told the men that any Crusader that died in route would receive remission of sins, would get a crown in paradise, and their families and properties would receive papal protection. On the other hand, he also warned that crusaders who failed to fulfill their vows would be anathemized (Hill 449). Urban's promises may have seemed too good to be true but they were not. "The Day after Urban's speech, the Council formally granted all the privileges and protections Urban had promised" (Knox 3). After these words were said, the future was inevitable. Thus The First Crusade began.With Urban's inspirational speech given and the people moved, the first of the crusades began. The Christians and the Moslems fought from 1069 to 1101. Because religion had such an influence on the lives of the people, there were tremendous numbers of crusaders (Bull 1). Knights flocked from everywhere in answer to Urban's call to war and bravely fought in Asia Minor (Knox 7). Although the war was founded on a Christian cause, the church quickly lost control of the movement (Knox 3). The Crusades took a more military purpose than the purpose that Pope Urban had preached for. "What Pope Urban had in mind as he preached at Clermont was not a purely military expedition but a combination of pilgrimage and holy war" (Zacour, Hazard, and Sefton 42). This switch from holy purpose to military purpose led the Christians to victory over the Moslems in 1101 (Hill 449). Although Pope Urban's words at Clermont initiated the crusade, they also had different influences on the battles and the people fighting them.One of the reasons that made the Christians so strong was that they were greatly influenced by Urban's speech. Being influence by one man so much greatly unified them. During the Pope's speech he urged people to sew crosses on their clothing so they had a common symbol. This symbol identified them as Christians marching against the infidels. This gave them a uniform (Hill 449). Yet another reason that Christians were so strong was because they had so many people join the expedition. "On November 27, 1095 at the Council of Clermont, he...

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