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Televison Effects On Literacy Essay

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Watching television is a part of almost every young adult’s day. These days, people have a television in almost every room of their house. Television is watched for entertainment, to find out the news, learning, and many more things. Since it plays a major role in everyday life for most people, television can help us develop habits that affect how we speak, how we write, how we read, and how we listen, but it is generally ignored as a literacy practice. These habits that are developed from watching television can be helpful to our understanding of literacy altogether.
Television easily changes the way most young adults talk. Television shows and movies are very influential on the ...view middle of the document...

Learning ways to write from these sorts of writers can be very helpful in writing. Also by watching some movies or shows, people could learn how to be more creative with their writing. Television could also have a bad influence on how people write. Watching too much television could negatively affect vocabulary. Watching nonsense shows like cartoons or others could cause you to use less sophisticated words, or use incomplete sentences while writing a paper or anything for that matter.
While watching the television, people are listening to it. They want to hear the sound so they know what is going on. Listening to some show can be very beneficial to literacy. While listening, people pick up words from shows. Listening is the way that we learn everything from a television show or movie. Developing the habits talked about earlier would be much harder without listening. When you are listening to the television or a movie, you pick up information that can help you evolve your vocabulary and writing skills. Like mentioned before, though, some of these habits that are developed aren’t always the best. Still, listening to the television can be very beneficial to improving...

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