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Television Media Essay

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Television Media

Television is an amazing thing. Many years ago, we had a black and white screen with big knobs, as bulky as a microwave for a television. Now, with technology so advanced, we have it almost paper thin and we sit in front of it just mesmerized by what we watch on the screen. We watch anything from the news, to reality television, to educational programs, and so on. It’s such a powerful tool that can have a big influence on most consumers because most of us sit in front of it either when we are bored or just want to relax. It is a phenomenon that has allowed us to see the latest news, advertisements, the latest movies, or even the most up to date current ...view middle of the document...

Being deceptive is misleading consumers and being unfair in an advertisement is by causing substantial consumer injury which the consumer could not avoid.
Even with these guidelines, I believe that infomercials are misleading. The exercise and diet plan commercials, or even the Hardees commercial showing sexy individuals seems to be misleading because it makes you wonder, what are they really selling; the hot sexy woman or the big juicy burger? To me things like, that is misleading. These exercise commercials use the bait and switch tactic, which they throw the bait at you knowing we all want to lose a little extra weight, and don’t even care if we are able to shed those extra pounds, because they have sold the product. There are certain companies who do offer a money back guarantee on their product, which brings assurance that the product might actually stand a chance in working.
A different type of advertising which is a political advertisement. Now, with the Presidential campaign going on, we see all kinds of negative advertisements in the media. These commercials influence the American people because most of the commercials are only putting the other candidate down rather than tell things that they can do for us. It is really annoying how both candidates waste their air time by speaking ill about each other. I want to know in that brief 20 seconds what they will do for me.
Advertisement of food is powerful. Anytime I see a juicy burger on TV with a slow motion actor makes me think it’s delicious and I want one. These exercise infomercials makes me think I can lose the weight if I buy it and I don’t have to lift a finger. We are very impressionable and that is why the television media is an easy way to reel in their consumers.

The Negative Effects of Media on Children
What happened to the good old days when children were always playing outside, with toys, and have such great imaginations by coming up with all types of games. Now, in these days, children spend on an average more than 4 hours a day on some sort of media, such as the television, the computer, video games, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great and powerful tool that we have. It also can have some negative effects on society and even affecting our young children because of the exposure they have on the internet. If parents are not monitoring what their own children are watching or even doing, then there is no boundary that they cannot surpass. There has been evidence that raises concerns on parents and doctors by the affects of media such as aggression, sexual behavior, substance use, eating disorders, and difficulty in their academics. (Strasburger, V.)
There are two thirds of infants and toddlers that watch an average of two hours of television a day which is the most critical time for a child’s brain development. Pediatricians have said that TV and other electronic media can and does get in the way of playing, exploring, and even...

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