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Television: Helps And Hinders Essay

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Television is a drug. Although when first invented it was used as a family entertaining device, its purpose has been greatly altered. Now with over sixty channels to choose from, people of all ages can easily find a show that will grab their attention. This, however, is not the problem. The problem is caused when the person starts to change their daily routine in order to tune in to their favorite programs. Television acts as a drug in that it can help or hinder an individual based on their needs.

Un fortunaltely, a person may become so addicted to a television show that they put everything going on around them on hold. One example of this would be when Amy, a friend, told me about a ...view middle of the document...

Both are good predecessors to pre-school and kindergarten. Sesame Street helps kids prepare to learn while keeping its award-winning traditions it is known for. I can recall as a child learning how to count with The Count, spelling new words with Big Bird, and singing the alphabet song with Ernie and Bert. Not only did Sesame Street help prepare me for school; it also encouraged me to participate while learning. My brother and I would take turns solving math problems or spelling new words.

On the other hand, with new programs being created more often now than ever before, it is easier for children to become very attatched to a certain show. Even though the program is aiding the child, it is also causing an addiction to a show at a very young age.

Another easily addictive aspect of television programming is sports events. Not only is the sport itself addicting to watch, but the rituals that go along with it. Some of these rituals consist of drinking alcohol; making bets, and going to the house with the biggest TV screen. When the game comes on, the only time talking is allowed is during the commercials...unless of course for cheering or booing. This is the "guys time" together; women and small children are not warmly welcomed. Every single time the Steelers play, my uncle tells my aunt it is "game time". This means she either has to take the kids and go shopping, or go to her mother’s until the game is over. Not only is this behavior repeated, but also the arguments that come about from it. Many fights are caused not only from wathcing the game, but depending on if "the team" won or not. If the Steelers have a bad season, my aunt and uncle fight constantly until it’s over.

In spite of this, it can also bring about a stronger bond with the certain members of a family. My dad and brother have sat down and watched their favorite teams play since my brother was eight years old. Even though they might not enjoy the others team, they still make it a point to watch the game together. Wouldn’t this type of "game time" be a lot better than the other type?

One definition of a drug is something that causes addiction, habituation, or a marked change in consciousness. If we took all the words we commonly know today, such as television, TV shows, sports, and so on in this paper and replaced them with words we have never seen....could these acts be classisfied as forms of and addiciton to a drug?

Television is a drug. Although when first invented it was used as a family entertaining device, its purpose has been greatly altered. Now with over sixty channels to choose from, people of all ages can easily find a show that will grab their attention. This, however, is not the problem. The problem is caused when the person starts to change their daily routine in order to tune in to their favorite programs. Television acts as a drug in that it can help or hinder an individual based on their needs.


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