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The television is a relatively new invention which has had an enormous impact upon our modern world. It has opened up numerous experience opportunities for countless numbers of people. While today's technology has spawned a bewildering variety of electronic devices, our society has become greedy and lazy. The increased use of television is creating many problems in modern societies and these problems putweigh any perceived benefits.

In the past, only the wealthy could experience the diversity of the world. The TV has changed all that. Now anyone-rich or poor can experience and learn about our diverse world. From the Amazon jungle to the pyramids of Egypt, people can learn almost anything about the world in the comfort of their own home. In addition, the variety of TV programs provide ...view middle of the document...

Learning should be an active process and TV may discourage this. People can become so used to images flashing on the screen that they fail to carefully concentrate on one subject. Moreover, our imaginative faculty will degenerate from getting so used to receiving the images of the each and every scene of this world.

Secondly, the TV can be way of passing on bad information. It is easy to access any programs on air, such as programs that are violent and include lot of unnecessary informations. These will have the most immediate influence on the viewer, child to adult, and foster bad behaviours. In fact, those
cartoons that have violent action scenes may send out the wrong message to the children that violence can be justified. It is indeed a big concern among the parents because a child has no ability to judge by themselves. Not only the government but also the TV station should strengthen the regulation of all programs and put through a government review to judge whether or not it is appropriate to broadcast.

Thirdly, and most badly, television will take away the opportunities for human to have physical exercise that they need. If we sit in front of the television and become sedentary, obesity and other diseases will increase among the people. The physical and mental laziness will cause depress and lack of motivation in life. The whole society can become stagnate and it is very demoralizing for those who live in it. Therefore , it is crucial for the government and local communities to instruct people to acknowledge the importace of strenuosity.

Although there are some positives associated with the television, the negatives outweigh them. TV will remain convenient, stimulating and useful devices, moreover, technology will have its place but it is only valuable if it positively contributes to the good of a community.


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