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Telecom Essay

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With 18 Operator Case Studies

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Monday 13th - Thursday 16th November 2006, SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

Developing a clear brand identity which differentiates your service offerings, enhances customer loyalty and optimises the lifetime value of your profitable customers Discover the key to building and maintaining a successful telecoms brand Optimise your branding strategy to differentiate your services and keep your customers loyal Understand how re-branding can strengthen your position in today’s competitive and convergent telecoms environment Use convergence, content and new services to improve and strengthen your brand ...view middle of the document...

00 9.30 9.40 Coffee and Registration 12.50 14.00 Lunch


O2 Case Study – Making The Case For Pervasive Branding
Examining the origins of the O2 brand Outlining how the brand was designed from the start, out of a consumer insight, to work across every required platform Ensuring that the brand idea pervaded every aspect of the brand’s manifestation Keeping the brand fresh and relevant Identifying the key drivers of brand success with some metrics

Opening Remarks from the Chair Assessing The Importance And Value Of Branding in Today’s Telecoms Environment
Quantifying the value of having a distinguishing brand in a competitive market Using your brand identity to protect your customer base against the changing industry landscape Assessing and measuring the impact of your brand on revenue, customer loyalty and churn Examining the impact of convergence on your brand Forecasting how increasing globalisation and consolidation will affect marketing and branding - how can regional operators create brands that can successfully compete with powerful global brands?

Andre Schloemer, Vice President Brand Management, O2 Nick Hough, Chief Executive, Lambie-Nairn

tele.ring Case Study - Building And Maintaining A Strong Brand
Examining tele.ring's experiences in introducing a brand to the market - ensuring the customer perception is what you want it to be right from the start Determining strategies for maintaining brand strength in a competitive market Using the right marketing mix to ensure sales success and relevant brand value development

Rob Fox, Managing Director, MyBrand Consultants

Case Study: Examining France Telecom’s NExT Rebranding Strategy (New Experience in Telecommunications Services)
Identifying the drivers behind the recent rebranding whereby Orange becomes the single brand for France Telecom's Internet, TV, mobile and business offerings Examining how the rebranding strategy was developed and rolled out Assessing the impact of France Telecom’s convergence strategy on the decision to rebrand Outlining the expected results of the rebrand

Thomas Wedl, Marketing Director, Tele.ring
15.20 15.40 Afternoon Refreshments

Examining How MVNOs Have Successfully Used Branding To Target Specific Market Segments
Examining MVNOs’ strategies to position themselves as major players in specific target markets: - business model - marketing and advertising strategy - services - content Developing effective pricing and market positioning strategies - are low prices still the main differentiator for MVNOs? - what other market positioning and branding strategies have been deployed?

Simone Muet, Project Manager, NExT Transformation, France Telecom Group
11.00 11.30 Morning Refreshments

Optimising Your Branding Strategy To Differentiate Your Services In An Increasingly Competitive Marketplace
Identifying the core strengths of your brand, and exploiting those strengths to defend your position against competitors Ensuring...

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