Telco Strategies, Investments And Use Cases Of Big Data And Analytics

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Big data and analytics: Telco strategies, investments and use cases

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As the volume of data being created has grown exponentially in the past decade new technologies have emerged and been embraced by organizations in all industry sectors for a number of use cases. The amount of data being generated in the telecoms sector is colossal and there is a clear opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs) to analyze this data themselves and also, subject to legal and regulatory conductions, to sell it to other organizations. Telecoms operators are embracing ...view middle of the document...

A third opted for a decentralized approach while just 20% set up a separate business unit.

Big data and analytics: Telco strategies, investments and use cases examines the current situation with regard to big data and analytics among communications service providers, the use cases these organizations are harnessing the technology for and to what extent they are being successful. The Big data Telco strategies Report provides an analysis of the industry survey results that obtained insights from service providers and their technology partners on their experiences with BDA implementations. Built around numerous telco case studies from across the world, this report sheds light on best practices for effective use of BDA that may soon mean the difference between winners and losers in the CSP market.
The Report is structured as follows:
- Section 1: Big data / analytics market context
- Section 2: Industry survey results and analysis
- Section 3: Telco BDA strategies, investments and use cases

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