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Teenagers’ Sources For Sex Education Essay

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Despite clearly exposed facts that abstinence only sex education is ineffective in preventing teen pregnancies, STD’s and may have negative consequences for teens, abstinence sex education is still the only instruction some teens receive as formal sex education. Furthermore, about 1 in 4 teens will receive abstinence only sex education without any information about contraceptives or STD’s prevention. In 2006 86% of schools in the United States taught abstinence as the most effective way to prevent teen pregnancies and STD’s. Theoretically this perception is true, however in 2006 about half of high school students reported having sex intercourse, or experienced other sexual activities, making abstinence only sex education obsolete. If some teens are not getting formal sex ...view middle of the document...

Survey Instrument

This survey is part of a Sexuality and Society class assignment. The goal of this survey is to ask high school aged subjects if they receive abstinence only sex education in school, if they are taught about contraceptives, STD’s prevention and what other sources they utilize to obtain sex education.

As a teenager or high school aged students, please accurately answer the following five questions regarding your sources for sex education.

1. Gender
a. Female
b. Male

2. Do you receive abstinence only sex education at your school?
a. Yes
b. No

3. Do you receive information about pregnancy prevention and STD’s prevention?
a. Yes
b. No

4. Where do you obtain the majority of your sex education from?
a. School
b. Parents
c. Peers
d. Internet

5. Are you sexually active? Have you been sexually active in the past 12-months? Answer yes, if you are having or have had sexual intercourse or experienced other sexual activities.
a. Yes
b. No


Based on the facts that teens are being taught abstinence only sex education and a significant amount of teens are not taught about contraceptives, STD’s prevention and other essential sex information, it is my believe that this survey will indicate that a majority of teens are obtaining their sex education from peers and the media.


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