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Teenage Suicide Essay

960 words - 4 pages

Brandon Guzman 
Mr. Butryn
Contemporary Social Problems 
18 November 2013 
Teenage Suicide
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teenage suicide is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. (Nock) Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life. Young people from ages fifteen to twenty four are more prone to commit suicide. Since 1996 more teenagers, and young adults have died from suicide than from diseases such as Cancer, Heart disease, AIDS, Birth defects, and chronic lung disease combined. (Shaffer) Most teenagers show signs before thinking of committing or trying to commit suicide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and ...view middle of the document...

(Nock) Four times as often males tend to use more affective and lethal methods.  Any type of depression can send teenagers spiraling in a downward. They find themselves traveling the road into a suicidal path. 
Secondly, people wonder what would be some sort of sign that a teen has any thoughts on becoming suicidal. Teens who think of committing suicide usually talk about it. They tend to know a lot about suicide or death in general. They may also even give hints on how they might not be around anymore. Other signs may relate to strange sleeping patterns like having insomnia, oversleeping, or even having nightmares. They are physically giving up. They no longer are friends with the people they were friends with before. They change their personality and they often become distant. Many of them also experience withdrawal physically and emotionally. They tend to not want to party with friends or go to social events. They become quiet and want to be left alone. In some cases they become overly anxious and even tired.  When it comes to school they become lazy. Teenagers lose interest in school and tend not to concentrate on work tasks or routines. 
Another sign of someone who is suicidal would be on how their eating habits change such as loss of appetite. When invited to eat they tend to decline the offer. Some lose weight at extremes or gain it. They tend to over eat as well. They overeat or under eat because they feel ugly and worthless. In essence, these teens feel worthless and ashamed of themselves becoming overwhelmed and guilty. They are faced with situations everyday that make them weak and destroyed. These changes in which they experience usually happen right before the actual attempt.
Thirdly, teenage suicide is dangerous and as a result causes various forms of deaths. There are some ways to help and / or...

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