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Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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How many of you have known a teenage mother at some point in your lives? Well you do even if you don’t realize it as I myself was a teenage mother. According to over 1 million teenagers become pregnant each year in the United States with more than 530,000 of those giving birth. That means that 13% of the babies born each year are born to teenagers, most of whom are unmarried and do not have the financial ability to support a child.  Today you all will learn about teenage pregnancy, including how many teenagers get pregnant and why, what challenges the mother and baby will face along the way, and what can be done to lower the incidence of teenage pregnancy.  More woman than you ...view middle of the document...

Some come from broken homes who have never truly felt love from a mother or father and they think a baby will show them unconditional love. What they don’t realize is a baby takes a lot more love than it gives. According to <!--filtered--><!--filtered--> there was an Incidence of 17 girls who attend a Machacuetts high school making a pact to all get pregnant. They stated that “It will be so much fun” and “All our babies will grow up together and be best friends” and “We can help raise each other’s babies” Some girls glamorize teenage pregnancy and some people are blaming movies such as “Juno” and “Knocked Up” for doing so. These young girls get pregnant with the idea that this baby will give them unconditional love. And “I will love this baby more than anyone in the world”. Yes you will but it’s hard to love someone who is screaming at 3 in the morning every night.  But what challenges might a mother and her baby face if a young girl does find herself pregnant? Believe it or not 50% of teenage mothers who have a baby will find themselves pregnant again within two years. Generally speaking the younger the mother the higher risk of complications for mother and baby. In terms of the mother’s health the chances of dying related to complications during pregnancy and childbirth are much higher if you get pregnant before the age of 15. Pregnant teenagers are more likely to be undernourished and endure premature delivery or a long or difficult labor. Teenage mothers are more at risk of anemia, getting preeclampsia or pregnancy induced high blood pressure, and has more problems with the placenta than mothers 20 and older. Teenagers also have more emotional problems regarding the pregnancy than older woman such as depression, shame, guilt and fear. The mother must find an adequate place to live, hold a job, continue school if she wants any chance of giving the child a decent life, and obtain childcare. Unfortunately 2/3 of teen moms drop out of high school. She must put her social life on hold and abstain from drinking/drugs and tobacco for the duration of the pregnancy. They must be prepared to miss out on their own childhood because they will be busy taking care of a baby. But the mother isn’t the only one who losses out by becoming pregnant at a young age, the most innocent of all is the child who didn’t ask to be born in the first place. According to  The baby is at risk of being low birth weight, being born with organs not fully developed, lung problems, bleeding in the brain, having immature organs, may have trouble controlling their temperature and blood sugar levels, and have a higher risk of being born mentally retarded than babies born to mothers age 20 and older. These babies miss out on opportunities that could be given to them had they had an older parent, many teenager mothers lack parenting skills and it’s the babies who suffer. Also many pregnant teenagers continue unhealthy lifestyle habits such as...

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