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I knew I was not the only one who was cheated by him. I could not believe that the person I loved so much was a cheater. He cheated many innocent girls like me. “Dude, do not believe him. I think you’re in love with the wrong person. He has many other girlfriends besides you”, said my best friend Lara. But, I did not really bother about her advice because I was so madly in love with him at the age of seventeen. I heard people say love is blind. But, my love was blind, deaf and brainless too.
It is popular belief that it is great to be young. My parents keep reminding me that school days are the best time of my life. They urged me to enjoy what they describe as my ‘carefree’ days. I could ...view middle of the document...

I watch him silently everyday without his knowledge. Know what, I was really surprised when got to know the person he waited for was me. Guess what, he liked me too.
I did not know much about him. Only a few things I knew about him. His name is Danny. He said his father is a businessman and he helps his father in his business stuff. He did not want to continue his studies it seemed he was not interested on studies anymore. I did not know the things he said just were bad lies. I started to have a relationship with him. I went crazy for him. I started to follow his words and believed him too. He treated me gently. I was as happy as a lark to be with him. The days with him were the best days I ever had in my life time. He took care of me much until my friends felt envy of our relationship. I felt like a princess and he was my prince. He used to buy me many beautiful and costly gifts to make me happy. I did not know this was the trick he used to trap girls from a middle class family like me.
One day, as usual I played truant and I went to his house. His house was really beautiful and well designed. The furniture in that house looked costly and this proved that he was really a rich guy. Actually, first of all we did not have the idea to go to his house. But, he had promised me to bring me to a movie. He said he left the tickets in his house and we went to his house just to collect those tickets. This was a trick. He brought me to his bedroom. He asked me help him out to find those tickets. While I was searching he hugged from behind. My body turned cold and I was really anxious. He looked into my eyes with his eyes which were full of lies. I did not realise, but at the moment his eyes shone like the stars in the sky. Slowly he whispered “do you really love me?” in my ears. I said “of course I do”. Then he asked me to have a physical relationship if I really loved him. First I refused to do it because I was afraid of getting pregnant. He persuaded me to have it and at last we did it.
After a few months, I got into pregnancy, the thing I did not want to happen. I told him about the pregnancy and he gave me a large amount of money to abort the baby. I wondered my guy could be this good because as I knew normally guys would leave the girls when they got into this kind of problems. But, Danny was still with me. He promised to marry me. I was really impressed by his gentleness and started to love and trust him more. As a result, I decided to get out from my house with the hope I could live happily with my love one. I did not bother about my parents who sacrificed many things for me. The only thing on my mind was Danny’s love. I went and stayed with him. No one was at his house. When I questioned him out about it, he said his parents moved to overseas and he did not go overseas because he could not live without me. I melted over his beautiful words. It was a joyful Saturday night. As we know Saturday night is also known as a party night. Yes, Danny...

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