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Teen Violence Essay

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Brad Roberson
Writing 1320/CRN 22515
Deb Moore
March 29, 2012

Research Proposal: Gamete Donation Kids
In recent times, technology and the advancement of science have opened an entire new frontier in the business of having children. It is true that many of these services that people use such as sperm donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are very expensive. Only certain more privileged segments of the population are able to afford these services. I have also wondered why people who have a greater income and better socio-economic status tend to produce successful children. Is it because of just a better environment or is there any genetic link? Gamete donation centers have strict criteria of physical health requirements but most don’t require any sort of psychological profile. It can be reasoned that the sperm donors are usually of lower status in society or they would not be donating ...view middle of the document...

These things are just a snippet of the problems a person can face when genes meet environmental factors. Of course there is currently no way to produce perfect children. The bigger question is if gamete donation centers screened all applicants and put them through rigorous psychological examinations, it is possible to engineer a child who is genetically predisposed to succeed? This child would not have the gene variants that put it at risk for self-destructive behavior. The process of doing this leg work for one sperm donor would make the process extremely expensive. The upper tiers of society would logically be the only people who could afford it. They have already succeeded for whatever reason. They could now choose to have a child but might want to leave the process up to science rather than natural selection. It seems reasonable that the best gift you could give your child would be all the tools on the genetic level to succeed and be extremely productive after the parents are gone.
I will say that environment has consistently been proven to be a larger factor for success than genetics but the idea that our genetic makeup doesn’t in some way play a part in our success is preposterous. As I stated before, most sperm donation in this country is done by the lower classes of society. Are they in some way muddling the success gene pool so to speak? Are children who are conceived by means of in vitro fertilization any more likely to suffer from the physical and psychological problems that plague the lower tiers of society? I think it deserves a hard examination of the science that is out there plus the social status of people who choose to receive donated gametes. I would like examine the feasibility of screening people for certain genetic markers before allowing them to donate gametes. This criteria should be applied to both men and women gamete donation. Is it possible to turn the system of natural selection down for the prospect of more genetically sound offspring?

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