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Theodore Roosevelt
Our 26th President of the United States was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City, the son of Martha Bulloch Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt Senior. Born in an affluent family, Teddy Roosevelt was a very frail child. Afflicted with asthma and being in an immensely physical shape he was home-schooled. While being home-schooled he deeply fell in love with the study nature. To improve his physical conditions he began to box and exercise. He would soon attend Harvard College in 1876 where he continued on with boxing and began rowing, and developed an interest in naval affairs.
Before becoming president Mr. Roosevelt was a very busy man with various job titles. After graduating from Harvard in 1880, he entered Columbia Law School, but soon ...view middle of the document...

S. President at the age of forty-two. As President, he strived to improve working conditions, trust busting and acted as a peace maker. He helped negotiate the end of the Russo-Japanese War, earning him the Nobel Peace Price in 1906. He is also the reason why the Panama Canal was completed.
In August of 1912, he started a new party for office, the "Bull Moose" party. In that same year, he was shot in an assassination attempt. He was shot in the chest, but was saved because of a metal glasses case and speech he had in his jacket. Roosevelt being a hunter knew he wasn’t in critical condition because he wasn’t coughing up blood, so he refused to go to the hospital immediately and gave a ninety minute speech. Seven years later, Theodore Roosevelt died in his sleep in his estate in Long Island from a coronary embolism at the age of 60.
Theodore Roosevelt went through many adversities in the course of his life. He had to deal with many deaths in his family. While in Harvard College, his father passed away and it really devastated Teddy, but did not let it interfere with his school work, it just made him work harder. Another sad occasion was when his first daughter was born, his wife and mother passed away, his wife died due to complications in birth and his mother died of typhoid fever. To take his mind of his deceased loved ones he moved out west to become a rancher and a cowboy. He would return to New York two years later.
Overall, Roosevelt was one of the best presidents who ever lived. He left a legacy for every president who was to come to office. He not only raised the standards of America, as we know it, but also helped consumers, workers, owners and all human kind with his conservation acts. He proved himself and his love for his country in numerous ways throughout his life and especially during his presidency.

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