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Ted Hughes Essay

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Analysis of ted hughes poetry, and his life work. Along with sylvia plath's

The Issues that Happened behind Poetries in Contemporary Era

In this scientific work, I want to analyze four poems in the contemporary era. The works are: The seven sorrows condensed from Ted Hughes, at grass by Philip Larkin, September 1913 and the stolen child by William Butler Yeats. The four poetries that appeared in the 20th Century, From the beginning of 20th Century like William Butler Yeats till the middle of 20th Century like Ted Hughes and Philip Larkin.
As we know that William Butler Yeats’s poetries existed in the First World War at that time, poets did a lot of experiments ...view middle of the document...

In the third stanza of this poet, “of the sun that has hangs from a hook with his brothers” this sentence symbolizes the afternoon atmosphere where birds are on the way home to their nest and the sunsets go home, at the same time. In the next line, ” the minutes of evening” the word “evening” means the end, or we can also say the end of the life. In the next line, there is a sentence “the golden and holy” the word “golden” here is the description of sunset in the evening. And the word “Holy” describe the tranquil nuance, comfortable or cozy when the sunsets.
In the fifth stanza, the sentence “of the woodland tat quietly breaks up its camp” the word “camp” there symbolizes shelter that is broken slowly. In the next line, there is a sentence “one day is gone”, this word symbolizes a poet expectation that someday are the sadness will be gone. “it has left only litter firewood” symbolizes sadness, destruction, anger.
On the sixth stanza, the stanza, the sentence “is the fox’s sorrow the joy of the huntsman, the joy of the hounds” the word “huntsman” describe as an evil person and “fox’s sorrow” describes the fox has been caught by the huntsman and he is satisfied. This describes the egoism of man who is heads I win, tails you lose. In the last sentence “till earth closes her ear to the fox’s prayer” this sentence shows that how a lot the fox’s prayer (the suffering of fox) until the earth cannot stand hearing it anymore.
And the sentence in this last stanza, “of the face with wrinkles that looks through the window” this sentence describes sadness in the old age. “Like a tatty fairground” the word “tatty fairground” describes how old the writer is. “That
came for the children” the word “children” describe freedom, cheerfulness. Maybe this sentence means though when we was becoming a children we felt happy, freedom, joyful but, the old will come to all children and they will feel the sadness as the same as the old man. And after being old it is difficult to us to get the happiness, freedom, cheerfulness and so on.

Overall, this poem is talking about the writer’s feeling. The sadness feeling felt by the poet, we can see in detail the description of afternoon nuance in this poem, as if the poet felt himself what happened.
It seemed the poet experienced. The psychological deep feeling, we can say the poet experienced consciousness realm because he realized what he felt and saw.
Now, I want to try to analyze the poem titled “The Stolen Child” by William Butler Yeats, this poem is published in 1888 in Ireland. As we know that William Butler Yeats is often to bring up the story theme folklore, superstition etc.
In the first stanza in this poetry, the first line “where dips the rocky highland” the poet describes the fairy’s house, in the second line “of Sleuth Wood in the lake,” Sleuth Wood is the region in Northwestern Ireland, where Yeats spent much of his childhood. Than “there lies a leafy island” the word “Leafy island”...

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