Technology That Effect The Way We Live

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Technology Changes That Effect The Way We Live.

By: Regina Garner

The most compelling form of technology I feel has the biggest effect on the way we live in society today would be that of mobile communication, the almighty cell phone.

It's no longer puzzling to the mind, that as we've developed from infants to adults learning the basic ABC functions of the five senses, to the development of what it takes to keep those same five senses enhancing ever moment, of every second, of every minute and discovering the wonder inside its constant growth throughout humanity has gone wild with relying on such a electronic need. Who would've ever guessed the sense of sound would require so much more than that of just hearing, but also that of receiving, bringing about the sense of touch which activates emotions which seemingly the world operates through today.

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It has been the greatest invention since the receiver, and everyone all across the world would agree that because of the mobile means to communicate directly, if it were to suddenly be alleviate from society as a means of communication, the world would be in a state of off balance without a way to recoup.

Communication has always been one of the greatest necessities known to man kind, and has transpired in forms of languages that we can learn and use on a daily basis, so cell phones have also become the greatest necessity of man kind. The need of being able to send and receive important phone calls and messages at a more convenient speed and time than that of waiting to return home or locating public means to make calls has taking the stress off of our cultures, and has minimized in so many ways the violence and fears that had once been an issue for society from that of using a telephone booth.

There's no extreme crimes committed from using cell phones outside of wanting the newest one to hit the mainstream market place. The alluring colors, the sleek styles and designs make it very complicated to place the perfect phone in the hands of the right person to display their character in which so many people would like to be able to show.

I'm not fooled on the change of our society and transformation with medial elevations, tablets, PC's, laptops etc... the world has to offer, to me the rational relevance and priority of owning and operating these devices have lost its purpose and have now become the trend of the next hot fall fashion, cell phones and all forms of electronic means of communication serve the same purpose but set such a high strain on trying to live in a world that require so much of you to have the latest necessities, and live with just the basics to that of having to compete and compare the goods to be accepted and notice not to mention, to be considered human, but with forgetting how you've gotten up to owning twenty cell phones in under a year, but can't remain self sufficient with every day living needs and still living at home with your parents.

Thank You

R. Garner

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