Technology Support Team Essay

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Effective Technology Support Team
Sean C. Scott
University of Phoenix


Most businesses require a technology support team in order to resolve internal and
external problems effectively. For some businesses it is more ethical to outsource a technology
support team; while larger businesses find it more convenient to form their own support
department within. Technology support is very important aspect of a company when in relation
to customer, employee, and network support. Factors in building an effective technical support
team may involve people with customer-based personalities, knowledge ...view middle of the document...

companies fail to train their employees well enough to be able to answer technical questions or
solve technical problems for the customer. By not providing the employees with adequate
training for their assigned position can make customers feel unimportant. Knowledge of a
product or service is vital in the support area. With some know how, any service representative
can guide someone to the resolution of his or her problem. A customer with a problem can end
very aggravated when customer care representatives continuously transfer their call to other
representatives or departments. This problem occurs quite frequently when employees are
untrained in their position.
A company’s value and standards is how they conduct business with their customers. Every
company has a different way of running business. Values and ethics come into play when
dealing with the technical support aspect. Ethics affect everyone and everything affiliated
with the company. A person in technical support must always practice good ethics and rely on
personal values. When assisting a customer with a particular problem, no matter how the
person presents himself or herself or which attitude is being brought forward, the technical
person must adhere to the company policy of ethics and act accordingly. No matter what race,
gender or rudeness, all customer should be treated equally. My personal employer practices
a rather good code of ethics and can be seen in...

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