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1. Using any object of your choice, identify and analyse the following:
a. Function(s)
b. Components
c. Incremental innovations
Outline what you consider to be the rationale behind ONE recent incremental innovation.

Object: Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation device:
a) Function: A GPS navigation device extracts information using signals from global positioning system to determine its position on earth. These devices provide information on altitude, longitude and latitude of a location. GPS navigation systems are used in military, aircrafts, ships and various transport means such as buses and ...view middle of the document...

Radical innovation: Internet

Impact on society:

* Healthcare: Internet helps people to access information on diseases and their symptoms. Furthermore, through a wide use of internet, people share and access information on diseases, doctors, and hospitals via social networks, blogs, and online review websites. Overall the internet is creating a well-informed patient. As an example, using the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog patients can share their experience of treatment at hospitals.

* Education: Internet has increased productivity of students both inside and outside of classrooms. New education models using internet-enabled devices has the potential to increase graduation rates among students. Internet is significantly impacting students living in remote areas of the world and lacking access to education. For example Khan Academy delivers free online lectures worldwide.

* Government: Internet facilitates the delivery of government services at low cost. In recent years governments has provided various e-government services to citizens such as e-filing of tax returns, online portals for passports and online tracking of food subsidies.

* Travel and Tourism: The internet has significantly changed the dynamics of travel and tourism industry. People can monitor prices and make online bookings of...

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