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Technology In Nursing Essay

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Technology in Nursing
The Webster Dictionary defines technology as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry (Webster Dictionary). In the years of the nursing industry, technology has always played a vital role. Even though people might not have always called it ‘technology’, it was always present. Technology was small in the past, it is here today and it will be even bigger tomorrow. The world is covered in technology everywhere you go. When you walk into a hospital everything you see has something to do with technology whether it is the automatic door that let you in or if it is the machine that made your coffee. Technology plays an ...view middle of the document...

Computers, safer medication administration and patient safety monitoring devices, wireless charting devices and robotic assistants were all a part of that (Coils Interview). In 1990, the Burns Wean assessment protocol program was developed to help patients wean off ventilators along with the Puddle Guppy that aspirates fluid from hospital floors and the Aqua-Box that disinfects fluid waste prior to sewage disposal (Coils Interview). One of the major advancements made in the 2000’s, has been the eMAR medication bar-coding technique allowing for a more accurate dispensing protocol for nursing all together (Coils Interview).
With all the nursing positions involving the use and knowledge of technology these days, it’s easy to say that not everyone is on board. Nurses love technology when it helps them enhance patient care and improve workflow processes. This is certainly not the case when technology is slow, imperfect, takes more time or generally does not fit into a workflow process. Judy Murphy wanted to do some research and find out exactly what was happening and going on with the interaction between nurses and technology and their outtake on it. She said that nurses expressed concern about multi-media patient records, such as both paper and electronic patient records and data stored in several non-integrated systems because it complicates the workflow (Murphy). The nurses also noted that they wanted smart, portable, point-of-care solutions to capture and share data with (Murphy). From the study that was produced in 2005 and tested on 36 hospitals with 767 nurses participating, Murphy was able to pull that more than three-quarter of nurses’ time were devoted to nursing practice, only 19% of that was spent in direct patient care and 7% on patient assessment. The remainder was spend on documentation (35%), medication administration (17%) and care coordination (20%) (Murphy). Therefore she was able to see how technology was used in everyday life in a nursing career.
If we think about what technology has done for us in the last 50 years, it is quite astonishing. We have been able to put a man on the moon, increase the miles per gallon of our vehicles, shrink the size of computers to the size of the palm of our hand and the list goes on and on. At the same time we have made great advancements in the nursing world as well, for example the IPad and IPhone. Two great products that were made for regular social use but now with the creation of applications, they have become a very important part to the nursing community. An application called EMR (electronic medical record) is becoming the most important health platform in clinical settings in the United States. “You can access patient records, radiographic records and even do better patient education with some of the visualization tools that are being developed for tablets with high resolution screens” (Orlovsky). With all of the information being online, the system is able to track...

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