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Technology In Elementary Classroom Essay

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Technology in Elementary Classrooms
Many changes have been brought forth as a result of advancement in technology. These changes have also been witnessed in the education in which technology in elementary classrooms is greatly improving the way teachers and tutors impart knowledge to students as well as helping students consequently develop skills that will in future benefit them in the competitive global job market. Technology experts and analysists have had various views concerning the way technology influences students with its introduction in elementary classrooms (Mishra et al., 2007).
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Some teachers have been against introduction of technology in elementary level arguing it hinders the students’ initiative abilities making them dependent on the technological tools. Experts warn that technology may bring harmful effects to students in elementary classrooms, arguing that students lose their socialization abilities with other people on top of becoming dependent on learning through technology (Hoffman & Schallert, 2004). There may be some truth in this but the reality is that these tools have become part and parcel of everyday lives and students need to be taught how to use them efficiently. The use of multimedia technology has raised the curiosity of students because unlike the boring traditional blackboards, technology brings captivating and more colorful presentations as well as stimulating lectures. Students who have been learning with the aid of technological tools in elementary classrooms have indeed two vital options; using their minds or the technological tools like calculators in their classroom problem solving and calculations (Johnson, Maddux and Liu, 1997).
According to Hoffman and Schallert (2004), computer softwares that have proved useful to students have enabled them achieve better grades in elementary classrooms. These softwares include PowerPoint, HyperStudio, and ClarisWorks, and have proved essential in student presentation of reports and assignments. Technology analysts point out that students who have been taught strategies like Advance Organizers, Questions and Cues as well as Note Taking and Summarizing through computers enhance concept development on top of promoting elaboration and information synthesis. Such students equipped with these skills performed better in examinations that those who had not been introduced to technology. Technology is the gateway to the modern digital society and thus if students are to fit as natives of digital world, they are to be taught skills that will eventually help them (Britton, Long-Cotty & Levenson, 2005).
Further, students ought to be taught preparing papers of their final reports on computers so that the teachers can have easy time reading and correcting them and returning to them in time. Wilson, Notar and Yunker (2003) argue preparing term papers on computers and submitting them in time help students in learning because teachers correct and return them on time and ultimately enable revision. This has enabled students achieve higher grades. Moreover, the Internet has proved quite resourceful to students in information researching. Warren (2010) points out that experts’ advice on use of Internet by students is vital and they should only be allowed Internet research after they have acquainted themselves with library research. Students of today are growing up in a digital world and it has become necessary and beneficial for elementary students to be exposed to technology teaching.
On contrary, technology analysts point out traditional learning methods should not...

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