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Technology In Criminal Justice: Information And Dispatch Systems

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Advances in criminal justice technology can help police to be able to respond faster to help control crime, maintain order, and responding to emergency 911 calls by regulating the flow of traffic on radio systems. By the use of technology, it can enhance the police agencies, fire departments, and ambulance services response time. When the response time is faster, the public safety and well-being is being met.Interoperability is important to law enforcement agencies and other emergency agencies to be able to talk and share data in real time. Having real time data is critical to keep the public safe and have faster response time for all agencies involved. The National Institute of Justice ...view middle of the document...

This can help police agencies to forecast crime to some degree of accuracy (AIU Multimedia, 2006). Crime analysis is a tactic used by police to make their efforts in preventing crimes, investigating, and apprehension easier and better (Foster, 2005).When dispatchers manually relay communication between two different radio systems, the response and deployment of officers is slowed down and the public's safety is at a higher risk. Even if all police agencies purchased compatible equipment that will operate on a single frequency band, what might be a good solution for one agency may not work for another agency (NIJ, 2006). A 700MHz band, allocated by The Federal Communication Commission, can provide agencies additional channels with more capacity, but can also make another incompatible band. When the 700MHz band becomes available to police agencies, it is still not a complete solution to interoperability problems. Most police, and other law enforcement agencies, continue to use a radio system that provides them with what their dispatch system needs to keep their public and officers safe (NIJ, 2006).Interagency planning and relationships along with multi-agency training is important for...

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