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Technology In American Culture Essay

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Technology in American Culture
The way we learn, communicate, and live our everyday lives is being changed significantly by new advancements in technology. Such advancements are even suggestively rewiring our brain and changing us from the normal student/adolescent of the past. As students, the way our brain is now processing and learning new information is of a different sort. The way we are paying attention in class and doing homework differs from previous generations. Why is this a problem? It is a large potential problem because we as a society do not know what will happen when children are being taught in a way that is essentially a different language. Technology has changed the way ...view middle of the document...

It is this behavior that has changed from previous generations and what is possibly going to cause issue in the near future.
Behaviors of our new “American Culture” have already been brought into question. Technology has not only shifted us to hyper attention, but it has also seemed to change the way we think in almost every situation. It truly has started to “rewire” our brain. In, I Tweet, Therefore I Am, by Andrew Lam, he begins to expose this. Mainly, Lam discusses the topic of peoples uses with their smartphones. In one section of the article, he talks about an event where Bill Nye collapsed on stage because of exhaustion. What happens next? Exactly what people would expect them to do, pull out their cellphones. Lam goes on to say, “It would seem that our 21st century response to an emergency is not to interact, but to record it” (Sic) (24). Lam’s statement seems to hold true because even I would’ve pulled out my phone to capture this “memory”. This is just the way the culture of this generation has come to be. Whether it is right or wrong, it is the way they think.
From my personal experiences, a lot of the information these authors are putting out there is quite valid. I can connect these points and statements to a variety of times in my personal life as well as situations I have observed. I would include myself in the category of “hyper attention”. Hayles states that according to educators she has spoken with, “...students are tending toward hyper attention.” (29). The validity of this statement is irrefutable. There are too many distractions this day and age to not be considered a hyper attentive learner. Sadly, I have experimented and come to the realization that I can only focus for about five to nine minutes before my mind starts to wander. Whether it is technology, or just other thoughts, I get distracted quite easily. Hayles blames this on the amount of media we are exposed to on a daily basis. I agree with her, yet I disagree at the same time. In my own day to day life, I can become distracted in the same five to nine minute timespan even if technology is not remotely present. It seems to happen most when I am trying to engage in a deep attention activity. This is why it is clear to me that I am a hyper attentive learner. In the midst of reading a chapter for homework, I find myself thinking about the weather next weekend. In the middle of a paper test, my mind starts to have thoughts about my trip after school to grab new guitar strings. The list goes on.
Regardless of what the specific reason is, I know and can realize that the way I interact with people and learn is simply different than previous generations. This is the way that many Millennials are. In cases this could be linked to ADHD or ADD, but some of these cases stem from the over use of technology. Andrew Lam explores this and gives possible reasoning to our behavior. He states, “They have been conditioned to invest a bulk of their...

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