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Technology Impact Essay

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There are several core function involved for Managers; organizing, planning, controlling, and leadership / directing. In order for the organization to be successful and meet the objectives, and complete established goals these functions must be performed on a routine basis. The more complex the organization and the technology advancements the more critical these factors become. With the evolution of technology and its capabilities growing a rapid pace, achieving a balance between security and privacy can prove to be a challenge for some companies.There are several security issues and risks in business; a growing threat is from outbound e-mail according to Chris Nuttall, Financial Times. ...view middle of the document... This management approach basically means that employees are told exactly what to do, when to do it and even how is should be done. The manager is in charge and has all the answers to all the problems and is the only one that can fix all the problems.Most individuals find this style of managing unsatisfying, demoralizing and un-motivating; most people do not enjoy being told what to do. Command and control management limits employee participation and commitment; they often feel they have no input and are not given opportunities to contribute. Most employees become discouraged and frustrated, which can hinder not only their success, but the success of the business.A more common trend in managing is a "Coach" approach also referred to as "manager -coach" or "Co-Creative" style. This style of managing fosters learning, independent thinking, and opportunities to contribute. It encourages working together in teams, utilizing employees to develop cross functional groups that can pursue what is in the best interest of the overall organization.Unlocking employees' potential and allowing them to enhance their own performance is a benefit from this type of managing. Focus is on developing the strengths of each employee and identifying each person's developmental needs. When people are growing and improving, their enthusiasm and effectiveness is greater and they feel more connected and loyal to the company for supporting them ( Being involved in the direction and goals of the company, working together, committed to what is best for the overall organization results in productivity, motivation and satisfaction for most employees, which in turn filters down to bottom line results, which creates a more enjoyable workplace for everybody.In choosing candidates for leadership and management positions, trust is a major factor. Maturity, skills, integrity and knowledge need to be evaluated for those individuals considered for a leadership or management role. The so called power that is associated with these positions can be used for personal gain. These individual have access to information that is private and in some cases personal. Never should the privacy of this information be compromised for personal gain or any other reason. This is an area where ethics need to be enforced. Any person in this role, in addition to all the training they have or will be exposed to, need to attend and participate in an Ethic's...

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