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Technology Changed My Life Essay

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What is one invention that has changed your life?
Well, mine is a cell phone. It lets you talk, access the internet, play games and much more. A cell phone comes in handy in times like emergencies. Most defiantly so you can call the ambulance, police or even the fire department. Just in case of things happen like fires, robberies or even wrecks, you will have something handy to get a hold of the emergency help. The cell phone will change your life in ways that can be either good or bad.
On a cell phone there is a thing called texting. Texting is a different way of communicating instead of calling someone. You can type a message on your phones keyboard, put in an address (as in a phone number) to who you would like to send a message to and press send and that person will receive the message on their phone. Of course either person can choose to just call at any time, but more than likely the text messages will go back in forth. Texting is ...view middle of the document...

For me I go and check my Facebook like almost 24/7 because I am a Facebookaholic. You can upload pictures to your friends and family if you wanted to. Having Internet on your phone comes in handy so you can look up a word that you don’t know or find out what the weather is going to be like. Checking your e-mail is easy also because your phone will notify you when you receive new mail.
The games you can download and play on your phone are never-ending. Games are one of my favorite things about the cell phone. Games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are among my favorites. Angry Birds is a game to where you get a limited amount of birds that you have to slingshot and knock down the objects to make them fall on the pigs. You have to aim the birds just the right way to make the stuff fall on the pigs. You have to eliminate all the pigs to complete a level. It sounds weird but it fun and very addicting. Another game I love to play is Fruit Ninja. Fruit gets thrown into the air and you put your finger on the screen and slide it back and forth to cut the fruit. Try to cut the fruit as much as you can without missing or hitting the bombs. Temple Run is a popular game you can run from monkeys through a maze without tripping or running off the edge. You jump over tree stumps, slide under trees and turn really quick without going off the edge and also try to get as many points you can by collecting diamonds. This game is a never-ending game unless you lose. Have fun!
Having a cell phone to me is very fun, helpful and distracting. It is helpful when you can get a hold of help in case of an emergency. You can text your friends and family or send them pictures of what you are doing or something cool that you have seen. It can also be distracting, like when you are driving and could have a wreck because you were trying to text a friend or family member when driving and have a wreck because you were not paying attention. Therefore, you have texting, internet and games on your phone. When using the phone be very careful to what you say and how you say it when texting because you never know how the other person is going to take it because that cannot tell if you are using sarcasm or not. I personally LOVE the invention of the cell phone because it is amazing.

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