Technology Change In Iraq And Effect Of Bordering Countries

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Country of Iraq is the 58th largest country in the world with area of 168,754 sq mi. The country is mostly desert land and only has two major rivers that span across Tigris and Euphrates. (Briney ) The northern part of the country is mostly a mountain region. The country also has a small coast line of about 36 miles along the Persian Gulf. Iraq is surrounded by 6 other neighboring countries which include Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey. In the past decade Iraq was engaged in political reform and a war with United States. The technological development in Iraq was under President Sadam Hussein who was convicted of nuclear and chemical weapons development, thus violating ...view middle of the document...

Initial Steps taken towards better Iraq include:
* Iraqi Government would revive the current relevant educational curricula in Iraq (Al Khatteeb)
* Create and stimulate a productive educational ground for future Iraqi generations to lead the way forward.  (Al Khatteeb)
* Iraq has sponsored multiple Seminars, workshops, conferences and publications to start educating the younger generation (Al Khatteeb)
* Many more tools are available to the institute to empower young Iraqi professional to have a say in their future. (Al Khatteeb)
The research efforts will center their attention on enhancing the understanding of the complex political, cultural, religious, economic, and social forces that control revenues from Iraq’s energy large resources while ensuring their rational division. (Al Khatteeb)

"Ethnically and linguistically the Iraqi population includes Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Armenians. The religious mix likewise is varied and consists of Shi'a and Sunni Muslims (both Arab and Kurdish), Christians (including Chaldeans and Assyrians), Kurdish Yazidis, and a small number of Jews and Sabean Mandaeans. Civil uprisings occurred in previous years, especially in Kurdish areas in the north and Shi'a areas in the south. The minority Arab Sunni regime reacted with extreme repression against those who oppose or even question it. The regime also systematically forced the removal of ethnic minorities under its policy if 'Arabizing' arable land." (HOLDEN)

Sunni and Shia religious conflict
The conflict between the two religious groups has increased over the course of 2011 in Iraq. Sunnis are protesting to overthrow the Shia government. More specifically, Sunnis are outraged over the sectarian policies of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. (Hunter 1-4) Sunnis have been captive on charges of terrorism, and in December 2011 , Iraqi troops jailed Sunni Finance Minister Rafa al-Essawi. (Hunter 1-4) Sunnis feel disrespected by the Shia government and protest daily against its policies. It is important to point out that both non-violent and violent tactics are being used in opposition to the Shia-led government. During the day, most of the Sunni pretests are peaceful, , but deadly conflict is not uncommon. This continuing conflict is a great impede to technological advancements in the country. The Iraq government attention is concentrated on the constant conflict of Shia and Sunni , while the country is suffering from lack of stability and educational need. (Hunter 1-4)

Syria and Iraq relations were suppressed in the past, but in recent 6 years the mutual visits between the two countries have led to a number of agreements on economic support including an agreement for resuming pumping of oil through the Syrian territories which was suspended in 1982. When the war hit Iraq in 2003, Syria was against the occupation of Iraq by United States. Syria wanted Iraq to keep its independence and supported its political...

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